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Allen Neuringer

Allen Neuringer is an American psychologist. He is a highly published and well recognized... more »

Amanda Rishworth

Amanda Louise Rishworth is an Australian politician. Rishworth has been an Australian Labor... more »

Amit Abraham

Amit Abraham is head of the postgraduate department of psychology at St. John's College, Agra He... more »

Amos Tversky

Amos Nathan Tversky was a cognitive and mathematical psychologist, a pioneer of cognitive... more »

Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom is an American writer. She has been nominated for the National Book Award and the... more »

Amy Singer

Amy Singer is a Florida trial consultant and research psychologist. Singer’s firm, Trial... more »

Ana Daysi Gam

Ana Daysi Gam is the mother of Giulia Gam. more »

Ana de Abreu

Ana de Abreu is a psychologist. more »

Anatol Pikas

Anatol Pikas, Ph.D., creator of the Shared Concern method, SCm, is a retired associate professor... more »

Anatol Rapoport

Anatol Rapoport was a Russian-born American mathematical psychologist. He contributed to general... more »

Anders Westenholz

Anders Westenholz in Copenhagen was a Danish psychologist and writer. more »

André Rey

André Rey is the name of a Swiss psychologist who first developed the Rey-Osterrieth Complex... more »

Andrea diSessa

Andrea diSessa is an education researcher who was one of the developers of the Logo programming... more »

Andrew Mattison

Andrew Michael Mattison was a medical psychologist and researcher. He performed influential... more »

Andrew N. Meltzoff

Andrew N. Meltzoff is an American psychologist and an internationally recognized expert on... more »

Andrew Nichols

Andrew Nichols, PsyD, PhD, is an American psychologist and parapsychologist specializing in the... more »

Andrew Salter

Andrew Salter was the founder of Conditioned Reflex Therapy, an early form of behaviour therapy... more »

Andrew Samuels

Andrew Samuels is known internationally as an influential commentator on political and social... more »

Andy Bell

Andy Bell is an English psychologist and author from Manchester. He is Senior Lecturer in... more »

Anjula Mutanda

Anjula Mutanda is a British presenter, social scientist, counselling and relationship... more »

Ann Brown

Ann Leslie Brown was an educational psychologist who developed methods for teaching children to... more »

Anna C Salter

Anna C Salter is an author. more »

Anna Freud

Anna Freud was the sixth and last child of Sigmund Freud and Martha Bernays. Born in Vienna, she... more »

Anna Gillingham

Anna Gillingham was an educator and psychologist. Working with Dr. Samuel Orton, she trained... more »

Anna Jean Ayres

Anna Jean Ayres — known as A. Jean Ayres — was an occupational therapist and educational... more »

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