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Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura is a psychologist who is the David Starr Jordan Professor Emeritus of Social... more »

Albert Bregman

Albert Stanley Bregman is a Canadian professor and researcher in experimental psychology,... more »

Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis was an American psychologist who in 1955 developed Rational Emotive Behavior... more »

Albert Mehrabian

Albert Mehrabian, currently Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCLA, has become known best by his... more »

Alberta Bigagli

Alberta Bigagli was born in Sesto Fiorentino in 1928. She is an Italian psychologist and poet... more »

Aleksei N. Leontiev

Alexei Nikolaevich Leontiev, was a Soviet developmental psychologist, and the founder of... more »

Alenka Rebula Tuta

Alenka Rebula Tuta is a Slovene writer, poetess, applied psychologist and a notable member of... more »

Alex Higdon

Alex Higdon is a former American football tight end. He played college football at Ohio State... more »

Alexander Haslam

S. Alexander Haslam is a professor of psychology and Australian Research Council Australian... more »

Alexander Luria

Alexander Romanovich Luria was a famous Soviet neuropsychologist and developmental psychologist... more »

Alexander Mitscherlich

Alexander Mitscherlich was a German psychoanalyst. more »

Alexander Zaporozhets

Alexander Vladimirovich Zaporozhets was a Soviet developmental psychologist, a student of Lev... more »

Alfons Vansteenwegen

Alfons Vansteenwegen PhD is one of the Flemish leading theoreticians and therapists in... more »

Alfred Adler

Alfred W. Adler was an Austrian medical doctor, psychotherapist, and founder of the school of... more »

Alfred Binet

Alfred Binet was a French psychologist who invented the first practical intelligence test, the... more »

Alfred Bloom

Alfred H. Bloom is an American psychologist and linguist and vice chancellor of New York... more »

Alfred J. Marrow

Alfred Josephon "Jay" Marrow was an American industrial psychologist, executive, civil rights... more »

Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Charles Kinsey was an American biologist, professor of entomology and zoology, and... more »

Alfred L. Yarbus

Alfred Lukyanovich Yarbus was a Russian psychologist who studied eye movements in the 1950s and... more »

Alfred R. Lindesmith

Alfred Ray Lindesmith was an Indiana University professor of sociology. He was among the early... more »

Alice M. Isen

Alice M. Isen was an American psychologist and Professor of Psychology and of Marketing at... more »

Alice Miller

Alice Miller, née Alicija Englard, was a Swiss psychologist of Polish-Jewish origin, who is... more »

Alison Gopnik

Alison Gopnik is a writer. more »

Allan Schlaff

Allan Schlaff was the husband of Marjorie Riordan. more »

Allen Bergin

Allen Eric Bergin is a clinical psychologist known for his research on psychotherapy outcome and... more »

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