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José Szapocznik

José Szapocznik, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist of Polish-Cuban ancestry and one of the... more »

Josef Breuer

Josef Breuer was a distinguished Austrian physician who made key discoveries in neurophysiology,... more »

Joseph Axelrod

Joseph Axelrod is the father of David Axelrod. more »

Joseph Bailey

Joseph Bailey is a psychologist, consultant and public speaker. He is noted largely for his 1990... more »

Joseph Doucé

Joseph Doucé was born to a rural family in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. He was a psychologist and... more »

Joseph E. LeDoux

Joseph E. LeDoux is a neuroscientist, the Henry and Lucy Moses Professor of Science, and... more »

Joseph F. Rychlak

Joseph Frank Rychlak is a psychologist well known for his work with theoretical and... more »

Joseph Jastrow

Joseph Jastrow was an American psychologist, noted for inventions in experimental psychology,... more »

Joseph L. Henderson

Dr Joseph L. Henderson was a physician. more »

Joseph LoPiccolo

Joseph LoPiccolo is an American psychologist and sex researcher who focuses on female sexual... more »

Joseph Nicolosi

Joseph Nicolosi is an American clinical psychologist, founder and director of the Thomas Aquinas... more »

Joseph O. Prewitt Díaz

Joseph Orlando Prewitt Díaz, PhD is a retired psychologist who specialized in psychosocial... more »

Josephine Siao

Josephine Siao Fong-Fong MBE is a Hong Kong film star who became popular as a child actress and... more »

Joy Browne

Joy Browne also known as Dr. Joy, is an American radio psychologist, author, film critic. more »

Joyce Brothers

Joyce Diane Brothers was an American psychologist, television personality and columnist, who... more »

Juan-David Nasio

Juan-David Nasio is a French psychoanalyst. more »

Judith M. LeBlanc

Judith M. LeBlanc is an American psychologist, teacher and special education researcher. more »

Judith Rodin

Judith Rodin has served as president of the Rockefeller Foundation since March 2005. Trained as... more »

Judith S. Beck

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. is an American psychologist who is best known for her work in cognitive... more »

Judy Chu

Judy May Chu is the U.S. Representative for California's 27th congressional district, serving in... more »

Julia Heiman

Dr Julia R. Heiman is an American sexologist and psychologist. The sixth Director of The Kinsey... more »

Julian Jaynes

Julian Jaynes was an American psychologist, best known for his book The Origin of Consciousness... more »

Julian Ochorowicz

Julian Leopold Ochorowicz was a Polish philosopher, psychologist, inventor, poet, publicist and... more »

Julian Rotter

Julian B. Rotter was an American psychologist known for developing influential theories,... more »

Julian Stanley

Julian Cecil Stanley was an American psychologist, an educator, and an advocate of accelerated... more »

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