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Brave Brothers

Kang Dong Chul is a South Korean rapper, record producer and songwriter of Brave Entertainment... more »

Bree Sharp

Bree Sharp is an American singer and songwriter influenced by rock, pop, and folk. As of the... more »

Brenda Holloway

Brenda Holloway is an American singer and songwriter, who was a recording artist for Motown... more »

Brenda Kahn

Brenda Kahn is an American singer-songwriter based in New York City who is known for her poetic... more »

Brenda Lee Eager

Brenda Lee Eager is an American soul singer, songwriter and musical theatre performer who has... more »

Brenda Russell

Brenda Russell is an American-Canadian singer-songwriter and keyboardist whose roots are deeply... more »

Brendan B. Brown

Brendan B. Brown is an American musician from Northport, New York. Commonly known as BBB to... more »

Brendan Bayliss

Brendan Bayliss is an American musician, the founder, a lead guitarist alongside fellow... more »

Brendan Benson

Brendan Benson is an American musician and songwriter. He sings and plays guitar, bass guitar,... more »

Brendan Croker

Brendan Croker is a musician from Leeds who has recorded albums under his own name and with... more »

Brendan Gamble

Brendan Gamble, born 1966, is an American singer-songwriter. A native of Urbana, Illinois,... more »

Brendan Kelly

Brendan Kelly is the bassist/vocalist of Chicago-based punk band The Lawrence Arms, as well as... more »

Brendan O'Reilly

Brendan O'Reilly was an Irish broadcaster, journalist, actor, athlete, singer and songwriter. He... more »

Brendan Perry

Brendan Michael Perry is a singer and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work as the male... more »

Brenden Richard Jefferson

Brenden Richard Jefferson is an American film and television actor and songwriter. more »

Brendon Urie

Brendon Boyd Urie is an American singer-songwriter, musician, guitarist, and pianist, best known... more »

Brenn Hill

Brenn Hill is an award-winning American Western music singer-songwriter. Since winning the... more »

Brent De Boer

Brent DeBoer is an American singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon. He is in the bands The... more »

Brent Fitz

Brent Fitz is a Canadian-American multi-instrumentalist and recording artist who mainly works as... more »

Brent Hinds

Brent Hinds is an American guitarist/singer best known as a member of the Atlanta, Georgia metal... more »

Brent Maher

Brent Maher is a producer, engineer, and songwriter currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee... more »

Brent Mason

Brent Mason is one of the most recorded guitarists in history. He is a Grammy Award winner, a... more »

Brent Mydland

Brent Mydland was an American keyboardist, best known as the fourth keyboardist to play with the... more »

Brent Rowan

Brent Rowan is an American session musician and record producer who works primarily in country... more »


Brent Black, also known as brentalfloss, is a musician that adds lyrics to classic video game... more »

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