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J. Dean Cole

J. Dean Cole is an American surgeon. He is the Medical Director at Florida Hospital Orthopaedic... more »

J. Dougal Bissell

J. Dougal Bissell was a surgeon. more »

J. Hartwell Harrison

John Hartwell Harrison performed the first vital human organ removal for transplant to another;... more »

J. Timothy Donovan

J. Timothy Donovan is a surgeon and the father of Tate Donovan. more »

Jack Stanley Gibson

Dr Jack Stanley Gibson was an Irish surgeon remembered for having advocated the use of hypnosis... more »

Jackson Leonard Bostwick Sr.

Jackson Leonard Bostwick Sr. was a neurosurgeon. more »

Jacob Mendes Da Costa

Jacob Mendes Da Costa, or Jacob Mendez Da Costa was an American physician and surgeon. He taught... more »

Jacques Bernard Hombron

Jacques Bernard Hombron was a French naval surgeon and naturalist. Hombron served on the French... more »

Jacques Guillemeau

Jacques Guillemeau was a French surgeon from Orléans. He is credited for making pioneer... more »

Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin

Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin was a pioneering French surgeon and gynecologist. He pioneered a... more »

Jacques Rogge

Jacques Rogge, Count Rogge, KCMG is a Belgian sports administrator and physician who served as... more »

Jacques-Louis Reverdin

Jacques-Louis Reverdin was a Swiss surgeon who was a native of Cologny. He studied at the... more »

Jacques-René Tenon

Jacques-René Tenon was a French surgeon born near the town of Joigny. more »

James "Red" Duke

James Henry "Red" Duke, Jr. is a trauma surgeon and professor at The University of Texas Health... more »

James Andrews

James Rheuben Andrews, M.D. is an American orthopedic surgeon. He is a surgeon for knee, elbow,... more »

James Atkinson

James Atkinson was a surgeon, artist and Persian scholar - "a Renaissance man among Anglo-Indians" more »

James Atkinson

James Atkinson was an English surgeon and bibliographer. more »

James Barry

James Miranda Stuart Barry, was a military surgeon in the British Army. After graduation from... more »

James Braid

James Braid was a Scottish surgeon and "gentleman scientist". He was a significant innovator in... more »

James Bridie

James Bridie was the pseudonym of a Scottish playwright, screenwriter and surgeon whose real... more »

James Craik

James Craik was Physician General of the United States Army, as well as George Washington's... more »

James Dale Strawbridge

James Dale Strawbridge was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from... more »

James Earle

Sir James Earle was a celebrated British surgeon, renowned for his skill in lithotomy. Earle was... more »

James Ewing Mears

James Ewing Mears, also J. Ewing Mears M.D., LL.D. was a surgeon and author. He was a pioneer in... more »

James Hardy

James D. Hardy was an American surgeon, famous for the first human lung transplant and the first... more »

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