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G. Patrick Maxwell

G. Patrick Maxwell is a plastic surgeon and an assistant clinical professor of surgery at... more »


Aelius Galenus or Claudius Galenus, better known as Galen of Pergamon, was a prominent Greek... more »

Garth Fisher

Garth Fisher, M.D., is an American plastic surgeon best known as the first doctor selected for... more »

Gary K. Michelson

Dr. Gary K. Michelson is an American board certified orthopedic spinal surgeon and inventor. more »

Gary Onik

Gary Onik is the inventor of ultrasound guided cryosurgery for both the prostate and the... more »

Gasparo Tagliacozzi

Gaspare Tagliacozzi was an Italian surgeon, pioneer of plastic and reconstructive surgery. more »

Gavriil Ilizarov

Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov was a Soviet physician, known for inventing the Ilizarov apparatus... more »

Gazi Yaşargil

Mahmut Gazi Yaşargil is a Turkish medical scientist and neurosurgeon. He is the founder of... more »

Genevieve Winifred Carradine

Genevieve Winifred Carradine was a surgeon. more »

Geoff Tabin

Geoff Tabin is a surgeon and professor. more »

Geoffrey Bridgeman

Brigadier The Honourable Geoffrey John Orlando Bridgeman MC, styled The Honourable from 1929,... more »

Geoffrey Keynes

Sir Geoffrey Langdon Keynes was an English biographer, surgeon, physician, scholar and... more »

Georg Albert Lücke

Georg Albert Lücke was a German surgeon born in Magdeburg. He studied medicine at the... more »

Georg Kelling

Georg Kelling was a German internist and surgeon who was a laparoscopy pioneer and in 1901... more »

Georg Perthes

Georg Clemens Perthes was a German surgeon and X-ray diagnostic pioneer. more »

George Adlington Syme

Sir George Adlington Syme was an Australian surgeon. more »

George Bass

George Bass was a British naval surgeon and explorer of Australia. more »

George Bouchier Worgan

George Bouchier Worgan was an English naval surgeon who accompanied the First Fleet to... more »

George Busk

George Busk RN FRS was a British Naval surgeon, zoologist and palaeontologist. more »

George Crile, Jr.

George Washington "Barney" Crile, Jr. was an American surgeon. He was a significant influence on... more »

George Darby Haviland

Dr George Darby Haviland was a British surgeon and naturalist. He was born at Warbleton, Sussex... more »

George Elliott

George Elliott was the English surgeon to the Earl of Teviot's Regiment. Elliott was the... more »

George H. Tichenor

George Humphrey Tichenor was a Kentucky-born physician who introduced antiseptic surgery while... more »

George Henry Abbott

George Henry Abbott was an Australian surgeon, President of the New South Wales branch of the... more »

George Howard Monks

George Howard Monks was born in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduation in Harvard medical... more »

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