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L. Nanda Babu Roy

L. Nanda Babu Roy is the spouse of M. K. Binodini Devi. more »

L. Nelson Bell

Lemuel Nelson Bell was a medical missionary in China and the father-in-law of famous evangelist... more »

Lafayette Bunnell

Lafayette Houghton Bunnell was an American physician, explorer, author, and explorer. He is most... more »

Lafayette Guild

LaFayette Guild was a surgeon in the antebellum United States Army, a noted pioneer in the study... more »

Lall Sawh

Lall Ramnath Sawh CMT, FRCS is a Trinidadian urologist in the Caribbean and Latin America. Based... more »

Larry Bucshon

Larry Dean Bucshon is an American politician and heart surgeon who has been the U.S... more »

Larry Lemak

Larry A. Lemak, M.D., FAAOS, FCRSC, born 1943 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an orthopedic... more »

Lars Leksell

Lars Leksell was a Swedish physician and Professor of Neurosurgery at the Karolinska Institute... more »

Laurence Waddell

Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell, CB, CIE, F.L.S., L.L.D, M.Ch., I.M.S. RAI, F.R.A.S... more »

Lawrence H. Cohn

Lawrence H. Cohn, MD, is an American-born pioneering cardiac surgeon, researcher, and medical... more »

Lawrence Yannuzzi

Lawrence Yannuzzi is an American physician, ophthalmologist, and vitreo-retinal surgeon who is... more »

Lawson Tait

Lawson Tait, born Robert Lawson Tait in Edinburgh, Scotland, became a pioneer in pelvic and... more »

Lenox Baker

Lenox Dial Baker Sr. was an American orthopedic surgeon and athletic trainer at both Duke... more »

Léon Clément Le Fort

Léon Clément Le Fort was a French surgeon remembered for his work on uterine prolapse, including... more »

Leon Goldman

Leon Goldman is the father of Dianne Feinstein. more »

Léon Labbé

Léon Labbé was a French surgeon and politician who was born in the village of Le Merlerault in... more »

Leonard D. Heaton

Leonard Dudley Heaton was Surgeon General of the United States Army from 1959 to 1969. more »

Leonard Shlain

Leonard Shlain was a US American surgeon, author, and inventor. He was chairperson of... more »

Leopold Saverio Vaccaro

Leopold Saverio Vaccaro was a noted surgeon and scientist who was decorated for assisting with... more »

Leslie Keeley

Leslie Enraught Keeley, M.D. was an American physician, originator of the Keeley Cure. more »

Lewis Archer Boswell

Lewis Archer Boswell was an early aviation pioneer who some believe made the first powered... more »

Lewis Sayre

Lewis Albert Sayre was a leading American orthopedic surgeon of the 19th century. He performed... more »

Li Nguyen

Li Nguyen is a surgeon and the former husband of Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen. more »

Liam Donaldson

Sir Liam Joseph Donaldson was the Chief Medical Officer for England, the 15th occupant of the... more »

Linda Halderman

Linda Halderman is an American politician who served in the California State Assembly. She is a... more »

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