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Nader Saab

Nader Saab is a plastic surgeon. more »

Nadezhda Suslova

Nadezhda Prokofyevna Suslova was Russia's first female physician and a sister of Polina Suslova... more »

Naresh Trehan

Dr Naresh Trehan, an Indian national, is a renowned cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon... more »

Nathan J. Saltz

Professor Nathan J. Saltz was an American-born Israeli doctor who is considered the "Father and... more »

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith was one of New England’s best-known and respected physicians. He was a skilled... more »

Neville Poy

Neville G. Poy, OC, FRCS, FACS, is a retired Toronto plastic surgeon, husband of Senator... more »

Neville Way

Neville James Way is a retired Australian surgeon who played Australian rules football with St... more »

Niall MacGinnis

Niall MacGinnis was an Irish actor who made 80 screen appearances. more »

Nicholas "Nick" Matthew Bernthal

Nicholas "Nick" Matthew Bernthal is the brother of John Bernthal. more »

Nicolaes Tulp

Nicolaes Tulp was a Dutch surgeon and mayor of Amsterdam. Tulp was well known for his upstanding... more »

Niels Thorkild Rovsing

Niels Thorkild Rovsing was a Danish surgeon remembered for describing Rovsing's sign. more »

Niko Miljanić

Dr. Niko Miljanić a Serbian anatomist and surgeon, was one of the founders of the Belgrade... more »

Nikolai Korotkov

Nikolai Sergeyevich Korotkov was a Russian surgeon, a pioneer of 20th century vascular surgery,... more »

Nikolay Burdenko

Nikolay Nilovich Burdenko was a Russian and Soviet surgeon, the founder of the Russian... more »

Nikolay Pirogov

Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov was a prominent Russian and Ukrainian scientist, doctor, pedagogue,... more »

Nikolay Sklifosovsky

Nikolai Vasilyevich Sklifosovsky was a Russian surgeon and physiologist of Ukrainian origin. He... more »

Ninian Pinkney

Ninian Pinkney, born in the Hammond-Harwood House in Annapolis, Maryland, on 7 June 1811,... more »

Noel Fitzpatrick

Noel Fitzpatick is a pioneering Irish neuro-orthopaedic veterinary surgeon. He currently... more »

Norman Barrett

Norman Rupert Barrett was an Australian-born British thoracic surgeon who is primarily... more »

Norman Bethune

Henry Norman Bethune was a Canadian physician, medical innovator, and noted anti-fascist... more »

Norman Shumway

Norman Edward Shumway was a pioneer of heart surgery at Stanford University. more »

Nusret Jahović

Nusret Jahović was a surgeon and the father of Emina Jahović Sandal. more »

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