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George James Guthrie

George James Guthrie was an English surgeon, born in London of Scottish parents. He was admitted... more »

George Miller Beard

George Miller Beard was a U.S. neurologist who popularized the term neurasthenia, starting... more »

George Moriarty

George Moriarty is a surgeon. more »

George Munro, 1st of Auchinbowie

George Munro of Auchinbowie, originally of Bearcrofts was a Scottish born military officer of... more »

George Suckley

George Suckley was an American physician and naturalist notable as an explorer of the Washington... more »

George Young

George Young was an Edinburgh surgeon, physician, philosopher and empiric. As a young man he was... more »

Georges Mareschal

Georges Mareschal was a French surgeon who was a native of Calais. In 1707 he was ennobled, and... more »

Gerald M. Lawrie

Gerald Murray Lawrie, M.D. is an American heart surgeon and pioneer in the surgical treatment of... more »

Germanicus Mirault

Germanicus Mirault was a French surgeon who pioneered cleft lip surgery. more »

Gilbert Johnston

Gilbert Johnston is an American cardiac surgeon, inventor, and author. He is Medical Director of... more »

Giovanni Battista Monteggia

Giovanni Battista Monteggia was an Italian surgeon. Monteggia fracture is named for him. more »

Giuseppe Ambrosoli

Father Doctor Giuseppe Ambrosoli, often referred to as Father Giuseppe or as Dr. Ambrosoli, was... more »

Goldsworthy Gurney

Sir Goldsworthy Gurney was a surgeon, chemist, lecturer, consultant, architect, builder and... more »

Gordon Hamilton Fairley

Gordon Hamilton Fairley DM, FRCP was a professor of medical oncology. Born and raised in... more »

Graeme Stephen Reeves

Graeme Stephen Reeves is a deregistered former surgeon from New South Wales, Australia, dubbed... more »

Graham Gordon

Dr. Graham Rothwell Gordon, Surgeon, St John's officer, NZMA Council Chairman and NZMA... more »

Gregory Campbell

Gregory Campbell is married to Ku'ualoha Taylor. more »

Gregory Pollock

Gregory Pollock, a plastic surgeon, was the husband of actress Marie Wallace. more »

Grethe Rask

Margrethe P. Rask, better known as Grethe Rask, was a Danish physician and surgeon who practiced... more »

Grigory Sarkisovich Grigoryants

Grigory Sarkisovich Grigoryants was a Soviet surgeon, an innovator and State recognized Doctor... more »

Guillaume Dupuytren

Baron Guillaume Dupuytren was a French anatomist and military surgeon. Although he gained much... more »

Gunther O. Hofmann

Professor Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Gunther O. Hofmann is a German surgeon, biophysicist, and... more »

Gurdon Buck

Gurdon Buck was a pioneer military plastic surgeon during the Civil War. He's known for being... more »

Gustav Adolf Neuber

Gustav Adolf Neuber was a German surgeon born in Tondern. He studied medicine in several... more »

Gustav Simon

Gustav Simon was a German surgeon. In 1848 he earned his medical doctorate from the University... more »

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