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George Winterling

George Alfred Winterling is a retired television weatherman, who was one of the pioneers in... more »

George Zoritch

George Zoritch also spelled Zorrich was a dancer born in Moscow. He joined the Ballet Russe de... more »

Georges Lopez

George Lopez is a teacher who appeared in the documentary film To Be and to Have. more »

Georgette Signoret Kaminker

Georgette Signoret Kaminker was the mother of actress Simone Signoret. more »

Georgia Arlyn Murphy

Georgia Arlyn Murphy is a teacher and the mother of actor Michael Murphy. more »

Georgia Hale

Georgia Hale was an actress of the silent movie era. more »

Georgiana Walker

Georgiana Walker is a teacher. more »

Georgios Karamanlis

Georgios Karamanlis was the father of the late Konstantinos Karamanlis. more »

Gerald Davis

Gerald M. Davis is an American politician from Maine. Davis, a Republican from Falmouth,... more »

Gerald Harris Rosen

Gerald Rosen is an American mathematical scientist with over 280 published contributions in... more »

Gerald LaValle

Gerald J. LaValle is a former Democratic member of the Pennsylvania State Senate. A native of... more »

Gerald Long

Gerald Long, is a rare Republican member of the traditionally Democratic Long political dynasty... more »

Gerald W. Smith

Gerald W. Smith is the American author of "Engineering Economy: Analysis of Capital... more »

Gerald Warner Brace

Gerald Warner Brace was an American novelist, writer, educator, sailor and boat builder. His... more »

Gerald Whitney Stone

Gerald Whitney Stone, Jr. is an author and teacher. more »

Geraldine Feakins

Geraldine Feakins is a teacher and the former partner of Naveen Andrews. more »

Gerard Forlin

Gerard Forlin is a lawyer and winner of the Bookseller/Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the... more »

Gérard Lemarquis

Gérard Lemarquis is an actor and teacher. more »

Gerard McBurney

Gerard McBurney is a British composer, arranger, broadcaster, teacher and writer. Born in... more »

Gerard Presencer

Gerard Presencer is an English jazz trumpeter. He currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. more »

Gerd Lange

Gerd Lange is father to Jon Lange. more »

Gerda Lerner

Gerda Lerner was a historian, author and teacher. She was a professor emeritus of history at the... more »

Gerdi Verbeet

Gerardina Alida "Gerdi" Verbeet is a Dutch politician of the Labour Party. She was the President... more »

Gered Mankowitz

Gered Mankowitz is a British photographer of the rock music scene over the last 40 years. Some... more »

Gerry Campbell

Gerry Campbell is a teacher. more »

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