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Hagai Shaham

Hagai Shaham is an acclaimed Israeli violin virtuoso. He began studying the violin at the age of... more »

Hanneke Cassel

Hanneke Cassel is an American folk violinist. She was raised in Oregon and graduated with a... more »

Hans Keller

Hans Keller was an Austrian-born British musician and writer who made significant contributions... more »

Hans Nielsen

Hans Nielsen was a violinist. more »

Harrison Keller

Harrison Keller was an American violinist and music educator. Keller was born in Delphos,... more »

Haylie Ecker

Haylie Ecker is a founding member and the former first violinist of the multi-platinum selling... more »

Heather Sumner

Heather Sumner is a violinist. more »

Heather Trost

Heather Trost is an American violinist and singer. more »

Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber von Bibern was a Bohemian-Austrian composer and violinist. Born in... more »

Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst

Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst was a Moravian-Jewish violinist, violist and composer. He was widely seen... more »

Helen Armstrong

Helen Armstrong was the founder and artistic director of Armstrong Chamber Concerts Inc, a... more »

Helga Schulz

Helga Schulz was a violinist and the wife of Hermann Schomberg. more »

Helmut Lipsky

Helmut Lipsky is a violinist and composer. more »

Helmut Zacharias

Helmut Zacharias was a German violinist and composer who created over 400 works and sold 14... more »

Henny Youngman

Henry "Henny" Youngman was a British-born American comedian and violinist famous for... more »

Henri Gerro

Henri Gerro was a comedian, singer and violin player. more »

Henri Grusin

Henri Grusin is a violinist. more »

Henri Pensis

Henri Pensis, was a Luxembourgish conductor, composer and violinist. Pensis was born on in the... more »

Henri Piccoli

Henri Piccoli was an actor and violinist. more »

Henri Vieuxtemps

Henri François Joseph Vieuxtemps was a Belgian composer and violinist. He occupies an important... more »

Henry Flynt

Henry Flynt is a philosopher, avant-garde musician, anti-art activist and exhibited artist often... more »

Henry Lau

Henry Lau, known as Henry, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, and actor working in... more »

Henryk Szeryng

Henryk Szeryng was a violinist born in Poland and later a naturalized citizen of Mexico. more »

Hepzibah Sessa

Hepzibah Sessa is a musician. more »

Herman Krebbers

Herman Krebbers is a Dutch violinist. Born in Hengelo, Overijssel, Krebbers studied in Amsterdam... more »

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