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Calyssa Davidson

Calyssa Rae Davidson, is an award-winning American violinist. She is the daughter of Emmy Award... more »

Camilla Wicks

Camilla Wicks is an American violinist and one of the first female violinists to establish a... more »

Camillo Sivori

Ernesto Camillo Sivori, was an Italian virtuoso violinist and composer. Born in Genoa, he was a... more »

Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf

Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf was an Austrian composer, violinist and silvologist. more »

Carl Flesch

Carl Flesch was a violinist and teacher. more »

Carl Heissler

Carl or Karl Heissler was an Austrian violinist and violist. more »

Carl Nielsen

Carl August Nielsen is widely recognized as Denmark's greatest composer, and is also recognized... more »

Carl Reinecke

Carl Heinrich Carsten Reinecke was a German composer, conductor, and pianist. more »

Carl Stamitz

Carl Philipp Stamitz, who changed his given name from Karl, was a German composer of partial... more »

Carl Venth

Carl Venth was a German-American composer, violinist, conductor, music educator, and scholar. He... more »

Carla Kihlstedt

Carla Kihlstedt is an American composer, violinist, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist,... more »

Carlo Farina

Carlo Farina was an Italian composer, conductor and violinist of the Baroque era. more »

Carlo Tessarini

Carlo Tessarini, was an Italian composer and violinist in the late Baroque era. Tessarini was... more »

Carlos Cabezas

Carlos Cabezas is a musical artist, violinist, flautist, and a singer. more »

Carlyle Nelson

Carlyle Nelson is a bandleader and violinist. more »

Caroline Friend

Caroline Friend is an opera singer and violinist. more »

Caroline Shaw

Caroline Adelaide Shaw is a New York City-based musician and a Pulitzer-prize-winning American... more »

Catherine Casadesus-Gaudin

Catherine Casadesus-Gaudin was a violinist and composer. more »

Catherine Manoukian

Catherine Manoukian is a Canadian violinist. more »

Catherine McRae

Catherine McRae is a violinist and an art director. more »

Cathy Newman

Cathy Newman is an English journalist and presenter of Channel 4 News. more »

César Guerra-Peixe

César Guerra-Peixe was a Brazilian violinist, composer, and conductor. Guerra-Peixe was born in... more »

Cesare Pugni

Cesare Pugni was an Italian composer of ballet music, a pianist and a violinist. In his early... more »

Chantal Juillet

Chantal Juillet, OC CQ is a Canadian violinist. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Juillet won... more »

Charles Burnham

Charles Burnham is an actor. more »

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