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A. Kanyakumari

Avasarala Kanyakumari is a renowned female Carnatic music violinist from South India. more »

Aaron Rosand

Aaron Rosand is an American violinist. Born in Hammond, Indiana, he studied with Leon Sametini... more »

Abolhasan Saba

Abol Hasan Sabā, was a renowned Persian musician, composer, violinist, and setar player. more »

Abraham Koster

Abraham Koster is the father of Shepard and Adam Koster. more »

Adam Crystal

Adam Crystal is a film score composer. more »

Adele Anthony

Adele Anthony is an Australian-American violinist. In 1984, at age 13, she was the youngest... more »

Adriana Regnier

Adriana Regnier is a violinist. more »

Ágnes Pusker

Ágnes Pusker is a musician and violinist. more »

Agnes Walter

Agnes Walter is a Violinist. more »

Ahmed Fouad Hassan

Ahmed Fouad Hassan was a composer, conductor and a violinist. more »

Aisha Syed Castro

Aisha Syed Castro, is a violinist and a member of the Yehudi Menuhin School orchestra. more »

Akiko Suwanai

Akiko Suwanai is a Japanese classical violinist. She was the youngest winner of the... more »

Akim Camara

Akim Camara is a violinist child prodigy who began playing at the age of two. more »

Al Nevins

Al Nevins, born Albert Tepper, was a renowned musician, producer, arranger, guitarist and... more »


Aladdin Abdullah Achmed Anthony Pallante was an actor and musician better known to fans as... more »

Alan Brind

Alan Brind is a British violinist who in 1986 at the age of 17, won the BBC Young Musician of... more »

Alan Gilbert

Alan Gilbert is an American conductor and violinist. He is currently the Music Director of the... more »

Alana MacDonald

Alana MacDonald is a singer, songwriter and violinist. more »

Alberto Lysy

Alberto Lysy was a prestigious Argentine violinist and conductor. Alberto Lysy was born in... more »

Alberto Villalobos

Alberto Villalobos is a singer-songwriter, violinist, composer and arranger. He is a member of... more »

Alejandro Flores

Alejandro Flores is a member of the musical group Café Tacvba. more »

Aleksey Igudesman

Aleksey Igudesman is a Russian violinist, composer, conductor and actor. He performs in the duo... more »

Alessandro Marcello

Alessandro Ignazio Marcello was an Italian nobleman and musician. more »

Alessandro Rolla

Alessandro Rolla was an Italian viola and violin virtuoso, composer, conductor and teacher. His... more »

Alex Sylvester Lindsay

Alex Sylvester Lindsay was a New Zealand violinist, conductor and orchestra leader. He was born... more »

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