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Alexander Bălănescu

Alexander Bălănescu is a Romanian violinist, and founder of the Balanescu Quartet. more »

Alexander Markov

Alexander Markov is a Russian American violinist who has received awards from the Paganini... more »

Alexander Rybak

Alexander Igoryevich Rybak or in Belarusian Alyaxandr Igaravich Rybak is a Belarusian-Norwegian... more »

Alexander Schneider

Alexander Schneider was a violinist, conductor, and educator. Born to a Lithuanian Jewish family... more »

Alexander Sitkovetsky

Alexander Sitkovetsky is a British violinist. more »

Alexandre Da Costa

Alexandre Da Costa is a Canadian concert violinist from Montreal, Quebec. more »

Alexandre Luigini

Alexandre Clément Léon Joseph Luigini was a French composer and conductor, especially active in... more »

Alexei Gorokhov

Aleksey Nikolaevich Gorokhov was a Soviet violinist who lived most of his life in Ukraine. Many... more »

Alfred Eugene Megerlin

Alfred Eugene Megerlin was a violinist and concertmaster. more »

Ali Tajvidi

Ali Tajvidi was an Iranian musician, composer, violinist, songwriter, and music professor at the... more »

Ali-Naqi Vaziri

Ali-Naqi Vaziri was a musicologist, composer, a celebrated player of the tar, and the founder of... more »

Alicia Previn

Alicia Previn was the daughter of André Previn and Betty Bennet. more »

Alina Pogostkina

Alina Pogostkina is a Russian-born German violinist. The daughter of two professional... more »

Aline Homzy

Aline Homzy is a member of the Homzy/Kesler Duo. more »

Alison Krauss

Alison Maria Krauss is an American bluegrass-country singer-songwriter and musician. She entered... more »

Alison Shipton

Alison Shipton is a member of the musical group Air Traffic Controller. more »

Allison Cornell

Allison Cornell is a violinist. more »

Alma Moodie

Alma Templeton Moodie was an Australian violinist who established an excellent reputation in... more »

Alphonse Schipani

Alphonse Shipani was a violinist. more »

Aly Bain

Aly Bain MBE is a Shetland fiddler who learned his instrument from the old-time master Tom... more »

Alyssa Park

Alyssa Park is a musician and member of the Southwest Chamber Music orchestra. more »

Amadéus Leopold

Hahn-Bin Yoo, known by his stage name Amadéus Leopold, is a South Korean musician, performance... more »

Amar Haldipur

Amar Haldipur is a noted music director or composer of Indian music industry. He composed music... more »

Amedeo De Filippi

Amedeo De Filippi was a film score composer, author, conductor, violinist and arranger. more »

André Rieu

André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu is a Dutch violinist and conductor best known for creating the... more »

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