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David Snellgrove

David Llewellyn Snellgrove is a British Tibetologist noted for his pioneering work on Buddhism... more »

David Snoke

David W. Snoke is a physics professor at the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of... more »

David Snowdon

David A. Snowdon, is an epidemiologist and professor of neurology at the Sanders-Brown Center on... more »

David Spiegel

David Spiegel, M.D., is Associate Chair of Psychiatry at Stanford University, where he is known... more »

David Stavens

David Stavens is Co-Founder, CEO at Know Labs / Udacity. He received a PhD in Computer Science... more »

David Strauss

David Strauss is a student in the VLF group at Stanford University. more »

David Sulzer

David Sulzer is an American neuroscientist and Professor at Columbia University Medical Center... more »

David Todd Wilkinson

David Todd Wilkinson was a world-renowned pioneer in the field of cosmology, specializing in the... more »

David Tulloch

David L. Tulloch is an associate professor of Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University. He... more »

David Turner

David Turner is a Canadian university professor and former politician. He was the mayor of... more »

David Vogel

David Vogel is the Soloman P. Lee Distinguished Professor in Business Ethics at the University... more »

David W. Barron

David William Barron FBCS was a British academic in Physics and Computer Science who was... more »

David W. Tank


David Waltz

David Leigh Waltz was a computer scientist who made significant contributions in several areas... more »

David Webber

David R.R. Webber is an Information technologist specializing in applications of XML, ebXML and... more »

David Weisstub

David N. Weisstub is the Philippe Pinel professor of legal psychiatry and biomedical ethics at... more »

David Wilkie

Sir David Wilkie was among the first of the new breed of professors of surgery appointed at a... more »

David Xiao Dong Yang

David Xiao Dong Yang was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Davidson Black

Davidson Black, FRS was a Canadian paleoanthropologist, best known for his naming of... more »

Davindra Singh

Davindra Singh is a Toronto based dermatologist specializing in ethnic skincare and is the... more »

De Volson Wood

De Volson Wood was American civil engineer and educator. He invented a steam rock drill and an... more »

Dean Amadon

Dean Arthur Amadon was an American ornithologist and an authority on birds of prey. Amadon was... more »

Dean Burk

Dean Burk was an American biochemist: a co-discoverer of biotin, medical researcher, and a... more »

Dean Liu

Dean Liu is a circuit designer at Broadcom Corporation. he was a graduate student in Electrical... more »

Deane B. Judd

Deane Brewster Judd was an American physicist who made important contributions to the fields of... more »

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