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Siegmund Gabriel

Siegmund Gabriel was a German chemist. more »

Siegmund Jakob Baumgarten

Siegmund Jakob Baumgarten was a German Protestant theologian. He was a brother to philosopher... more »

Sigrid Close

Sigrid Close is a professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford... more »

Sigurd Ottovich Schmidt

Sigurd Ottovich Schmidt was a Russian historian, ethnographer and teacher. more »

Silas D. Alben

Silas D. Alben is an American mathematician and an Assistant Professor in the School of... more »

Simeon De Witt

Simeon De Witt was Geographer and Surveyor General of the Continental Army during the American... more »

Simin Davoudi

Simin Davoudi is Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning at Newcastle University. She is... more »

Simon Boulton

Simon Joseph Boulton is an award-winning British scientist who has made major contributions to... more »

Simon Brendle

Simon Brendle is a German mathematician. He received his Ph.D. from Tübingen University under... more »

Simon Carpenter

Dr. Simon Carpenter, Head of the Entomology and Modelling Group in the Vector-borne Diseases... more »

Simon Gächter

Simon Gächter is an Austrian economist. He currently is professor of the psychology of economic... more »

Simon J. Hall

Simon J. Hall, M.D., is the Associate Professor and Kyung Hyun Kim, M.D. Chair of Urology and... more »

Simon Martin

Simon Martin is a British epigrapher, historian, writer and Mayanist scholar. He is best known... more »

Simon Mitton

Simon Mitton is an astronomer and writer. He is based at St Edmund's College, Cambridge. He has... more »

Simon Pallas

Simon Pallas was a German physician. Pallas was born in Berlin, where he remained through his... more »

Sina Zahedi

Sina Zahedi is Manager of Systems Engineering at ASSIA, Inc. He was a graduate student at... more »

Singhi Navin M.

Navin Madhavprasad Singhi is an Indian mathematician and a professor at Tata Institute of... more »

Sir Frank Ewart Smith

Sir Frank Ewart Smith FRS was a scholar, military scientist, and technical director, then Deputy... more »

Sir William Jardine, 7th Baronet

Sir William Jardine, 7th Baronet of Applegirth, Dumfriesshire was a Scottish naturalist. more »

Sirarpie Der Nersessian

Sirarpie Der Nersessian was an Armenian art historian who specialized in Armenian and Byzantine... more »

Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan

Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan is Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan. He was a... more »

Sjeng Kerbusch

Sjeng Kerbusch was a Dutch behavior geneticist. A native of Maastricht, he obtained his Ph.D... more »

Skip Garibaldi

Skip Garibaldi is an American mathematician doing research on algebraic groups and especially... more »

Snowden D. Flora

Snowden Dwight Flora was an American meteorologist and climatologist best known for studies of... more »

Sohail Asif Qureshi

Sohail Asif Qureshi is a Pakistani molecular biologist, who is the second dean of School of... more »

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