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Sergey Victorovich Ulyanov

Sergey Victorovich Ulyanov was born in 5 December 1946 in Engels, Saratov region, USSR. more »

Sergey Zimov

Sergey Aphanasievich Zimov is a Russian scientist who serves as the Director of the Northeast... more »

Sergio A. Lira

Sérgio A. Lira, M.D., PhD., is a Brazilian-born American immunologist who pioneered the use of... more »

Sergio Pereira da Silva Porto

Sérgio Pereira da Silva Porto was a Brazilian physicist. He created the pt:notation de Porto for... more »

Serguei Mikhailovich Pershin

Sergei Mikhailovich Pershin is a Russian space scientist. Pershin has published more than 100... more »

Seth A. Hutchinson

Seth A. Hutchinson is an American Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the... more »

Seth Lederman

Seth Lederman, MD is a physician, scientist and specialty pharmaceuticals entrepreneur. He is a... more »

Sewall Wright

Sewall Green Wright was an American geneticist known for his influential work on evolutionary... more »

Seyed E. Hasnain

Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain is Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences at the Indian Institute... more »

Seyed Masoud Noori

Dr. Seyed Masoud Noori is a lawyer and Islamic issues researcher, focusing on the relationship... more »

Shafik Chokin

Sháfik Chókinovich Chókin is the most recognized Kazakh scientist of energy sector. Doctor of... more »

Shafique Virani

Professor Shafique N. Virani is a scholar of Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto. He... more »

Shahi Sayed

Shahi Sayed or Shahi Syed is a Senator and the President of Awami National Party Sindh chapter,... more »

Shahid Hussain Bokhari

Shahid H. Bokhari is a highly cited Pakistani researcher in the field of parallel and... more »

Shahriar Rabii

Dr. Rabii co-founded Arda Technologies in October 2006 and serves as the company's CEO. Dr... more »

Shailesh Gandhi

Shailesh Gandhi is a RTI activist. more »

Shaiwatna Kupratakul

Shaiwatna Kupratakul is a Thai theoretical physicist. He is known by profession and contribution... more »

Shakir Mustafa Salim

Shakir Mustafa Salim was a famous Iraqi social anthropologist who taught in the Department of... more »

Shakir Naghiyev

Shakir Naghiyev is an Azerbaijani mathematician and physicist. He is known for developing the... more »

Shamil Asgarov

Shamil Asgarov or Shamil Askerov was a Kurdish scholar, poet, and researcher on the history of... more »

Shamil Shetekauri

Shamil Shetekauri, is a Georgian scientist, botanist, botanical geography specialist in the... more »

Shamkant Navathe

Shamkant B. Navathe is a noted researcher in the field of databases with more than 150... more »

Shamsul Mulk

Shamsul Mulk, Ph.D., HI, is a Pakistani civil engineer and a Technocrat. Shamsul Mulk also... more »

Shana Poplack

Shana Poplack, FRSC is a leading proponent of variation theory, the approach to language science... more »

Shang-Hua Teng

Shang-Hua Teng is a Chinese-American computer scientist. He is the chairman of the Computer... more »

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