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Kliment Red'ko

Kliment Red'ko or Redko, 15 October 1897 - 18 February 1956 was a Ukrainian-Russian... more »

Knox Martin

Knox Martin is an American painter, sculptor and muralist. Born in 1923 in Barranquilla,... more »

Knut Åsdam

Knut Åsdam is a Norwegian artist who currently lives and works in Oslo. For more than fifteen... more »

Koji Sawai

'Koji Sawai is a Japanese anime director and artist. He primarily works alongside his friend... more »

Konstantin Kikabidze

Konstantin Kikabidze is an artist. more »

Konstantin Kryukov

Konstantin Kryukov is an actor, jeweller and artist. more »

Koo Jeong-a

Koo Jeong-A (born 1967) is a Korean installation artist. more »

Kost Lavro

Kost Lavro is a noted award-winning Ukrainian artist and illustrator. He is a close collaborator... more »

Kōsuke Fujishima

Kōsuke Fujishima is a Japanese manga artist. Born in Chiba, Japan, he first came to public... more »

Kourtney Brown

Kourtney Eugene Brown is a Bahamian-American actor, television host, model and visual artist. He... more »

Kristen Zelenka

Kristen Zelenka is a an artist and film director and photographer. more »

Kristin Jones

Kristin Jones is a contemporary American artist. more »

Kristin Nelson

Kristin Nelson is an American primitive painter, actress and author, once married to the actor... more »

Krszysztof Ducki

Krszysztof Ducki was the father of Tomek Ducki. more »

Krystyna Demkowicz

Krystyna Demkowicz, visual effects producer, entrepreneur, visual effects studio owner/manager... more »

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Krzysztof Wodiczko, born April 16, 1943, is an artist renowned for his large-scale slide and... more »

KT Tunstall

Kate Victoria "KT" Tunstall is a Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist. She broke into the... more »

Ku Hye-sun

Ku Hye-sun is a South Korean actress. An admirer of Leonardo Da Vinci, Ku also dabbles in... more »

Kun Can

Kūn Cán was a Chinese painter from Hunan who spent most of his life in Nanjing. He became a Chan... more »

Kunihiko Tanaka

Kunihiko Tanaka is a Japanese artist, manga artist, and character designer. He designed the... more »


Utagawa Kunisada was the most popular, prolific and financially successful designer of ukiyo-e... more »

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Donald Cobain was an American musician and artist, best known as the lead singer, guitarist... more »

Kurt Schaffenberger

Kurt Schaffenberger was an American comic book artist. Schaffenberger was best known for his... more »

Kurt Schwitters

Kurt Hermann Eduard Karl Julius Schwitters was a German painter who was born in Hanover,... more »

Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner is an artist with an international following. He is best known for his invention of... more »

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