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Oscar Wyatt

Oscar Sherman Wyatt, Jr. is an American businessman. He was the founder of Coastal Corporation... more »

Oskar Ferdinand Mayer

Oscar Ferdinand Mayer was a German American who founded the processed-meat firm Oscar Mayer that... more »

Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindler was an ethnic German industrialist, German spy, and member of the Nazi party who... more »

Ossama Elsewedy

Ossama Elsewedy was a businessperson and the husband of Zikra. more »

Otto Beisheim

Otto Beisheim was a German businessman and founder of Metro AG. In 2010, his net worth was... more »

Otto Frank

Otto Heinrich "Pim" Frank was a German-born businessman and the father of Anne Frank and Margot... more »

Otto Hermann Kahn

Otto Hermann Kahn was an investment banker, collector, philanthropist, and patron of the arts. more »

Otto Hugo Kainer

Otto Hugo Kainer was the first husband of actress Kathlyn Williams. more »

Otto Lagerfeldt

Otto Lagerfeldt is the father of designer Karl Lagerfeld. more »

Otto Passman

Otto Ernest Passman was a conservative Democratic congressman from Monroe in northeastern... more »

Ouissam Youssef

Ouissam Youssef is the founder of the website Brazzers. more »

Owen D. Young

Owen D. Young was an American industrialist, businessman, lawyer and diplomat at the Second... more »

Owen Glenn

Sir Owen George Glenn KNZM is an expatriate New Zealand businessman and philanthropist, who... more »

Owen Oyston

Owen John Oyston is an English businessman who is the majority owner of Blackpool Football Club... more »

Owen Roncon

Owen Roncon is a businessperson and the husband of Priya Dutt. more »

Özdemir Sabancı

Özdemir Sabancı was a Turkish businessman and a second generation member of the Sabancı family. more »

Ozi Amanat

Ozi Amanat is the Chief Investment Officer of Spice Global, an Indian conglomerate operating in... more »

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