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Joe Kelly

Joseph "Joe" Kelly is an American comic book writer, penciler and editor who has written such... more »

Joe Kubert

Joseph "Joe" Kubert was an American comic book artist, art teacher and founder of The Kubert... more »

Joe Matt

Joe Matt is an American cartoonist. Matt was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started... more »

Joe Oriolo

Joseph "Joe" Oriolo was an American cartoon animator, writer, director and producer, known as... more »

Joe Quesada

Joseph "Joe" Quesada is an American comic book editor, writer and artist. He became known in the... more »

Joe Schenkman

Joe Schenkman is an American publisher and underground cartoonist. Schenkman was part of... more »

Joe Simon

Joseph Henry "Joe" Simon was an American comic book writer, artist, editor, and publisher. Simon... more »

Joel Beck

Joel Beck was a San Francisco Bay Area artist and cartoonist. His comic book, Lenny of Laredo,... more »

Joel Pett

Joel W. Pett is a cartoonist. more »

Johan Tobias Sergel

Johan Tobias Sergel, was a Swedish neoclassical sculptor, born in Stockholm. more »

Johann Michael Voltz

Johann Michael Voltz was a German painter, graphic artist and political cartoonist. more »

John Arcudi

John Arcudi is an American comic book writer, best known for his work on The Mask and B.P.R.D.,... more »

John Broome

John Broome, who additionally used the pseudonyms John Osgood and Edgar Ray Meritt, was an... more »

John Byrne

John Lindley Byrne is a British-born American comic-book writer and artist. Since the mid-1970s,... more »

John Churchill Chase

John Churchill Chase was a cartoonist and writer. He was known for his editorial cartoons and... more »

John Ditchburn

John Ditchburn is an Australian cartoonist who has contributed to the Ballarat Courier, Eureka... more »

John Dooley Reigh

John Dooley Reigh was a cartoonist whose work generally supported Irish nationalism. His... more »

John Fardell

John Fardell is a British cartoonist, author and illustrator. Fardell has been a regular... more »

John Fischetti

John R. Fischetti was an editorial cartoonist for the New York Herald-Tribune and the Chicago... more »

John Francis Moore

John Francis Moore is comic book writer known for stints as writer on such Marvel comics series... more »

John Gallagher

John Gallagher is a cartoonist. He received the National Cartoonist Society Gag Cartoon Award... more »

John Geering

John Keith Geering was a British cartoonist with a distinctive, occasionally flamboyant style,... more »

John Glashan

John Glashan was a Scottish cartoonist, illustrator and playwright. He was the creator of the... more »

John Graham Wallace

John Graham Wallace was born in Felixstowe and grew up in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. He is an... more »

John Harris

John Harris was a British author. He published a series of crime novels featuring the character... more »

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