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Reed Waller

Reed Waller is an American comic book artist best known for his work on Omaha the Cat Dancer,... more »

Reg Manning

Reginald W. Manning, better known as Reg Manning, was an American artist and illustrator, best... more »

Reg Smythe

Reginald Smyth, best known by his professional name Reg Smythe, was a British cartoonist who... more »

Reginald Hudlin

Reginald Alan Hudlin is an American writer, film director, and producer. He served as President... more »


Rejabhad, or Rejab bin Had, was a Malaysian cartoonist. His hometown was Permatang Pauh, Penang. more »

Renaud Denauw

Renaud Denauw, also known as "Renaud", is a Belgian comic book artist. He is best known for his... more »

René Goscinny

René Goscinny was a French comics editor and writer, who is best known internationally for the... more »

René Hausman

René Hausman is a Belgian comic-book writer and artist, best known for his dark fairytales and... more »

René Pétillon

René Pétillon is a French satirical and political cartoonist. Pétillon joined Pilote magazine in... more »

René Sterne

René Sterne was an author and cartoonist. more »

René Windig

René Windig is a Dutch cartoonist. He is the winner with Eddie de Jong of the 1991 Stripschapprijs. more »

Renée French

Renée French is an American comics writer and illustrator and, under the pen name Rainy Dohaney,... more »

Rex Babin

Rex Babin was an American political cartoonist. more »

Rhie Won-bok

Rhie Won-bok is a South Korean cartoonist and professor. more »

Rhoda Shipman

Rhoda Shipman is an American comic book writer. more »

Rhode Montijo

Rhode Montijo is an American independent comic-book artist best known as the creator of Pablo's... more »

Riad Sattouf

Riad Sattouf is a French writer and cartoonist comics and film director of Syrian origin. He is... more »

Ricardo Delgado

Ricardo Delgado is a film and comic book artist who has worked on such films as The Incredibles,... more »

Rich Johnston

Rich Johnston is a writer who writes about and within the comic book industry. more »

Richard Burton

Richard Burton is a British comic editor who worked on 2000 AD. However, he is possibly better... more »

Richard Corben

Richard Corben is an American illustrator and comic book artist best known for his comics... more »

Richard Dominguez

Richard Dominguez is an American comic book artist and freelance storyboard illustrator. Best... more »

Richard Donner

Richard Donner is an American film director, comic book writer and film producer. After... more »

Richard E. Hughes

Richard E. Hughes, born Leo Rosenbaum was an American writer and editor of comic books. He was... more »

Richard F. Outcault

Richard Felton Outcault was an American comic strip writer-artist. He was the creator of the... more »

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