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Brian A. Hopkins

Brian A. Hopkins is an author, editor and electronics engineer. more »

Brian Aldiss

Brian Wilson Aldiss, OBE is an English writer and anthologies editor, best known for science... more »

Brian C. Anderson

Brian C. Anderson is an American writer and editor of City Journal, a quarterly magazine,... more »

Brian Collins

Brian Collins is an actor, an editor and a film editor. more »

Brian Cooley

Brian Cooley is an Editor at large for CNET and their senior pundit, seen frequently on CNN, ABC... more »

Brian Crecente

Brian Crecente is an American journalist and columnist. He is a founding editor and the news... more »

Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle is the editor of Portland Magazine at the University of Portland, in Oregon. more »

Brian Ford

Brian Ford is an editor. more »

Brian Lam

Brian Lam is a writer and the former Editorial Director at Gizmodo, a blog focusing on... more »

Brian Pera

Brian Pera is a film producer, director and screenwriter. more »

Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter is the senior media correspondent for CNN and the host of Reliable Sources... more »

Brian Thomsen

Brian Michael Thomsen was an American science fiction editor, author and anthologist. more »

Brian Whitaker

Brian Whitaker has been a journalist for the British newspaper The Guardian since 1987 and its... more »

Brian Williams

Brian Douglas Williams is the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, the evening news... more »

Brink Lindsey

Brink Lindsey is a senior scholar at the Kauffman Foundation. He was the Cato Institute's vice... more »

Britta Strathmann

Britta Strathmann is a film editor. more »

Bruce Alberts

Bruce Michael Alberts is an American biochemist known for his work in science public policy and... more »

Bruce B. Brugmann

Bruce B. Brugmann was editor and publisher of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, a weekly... more »

Bruce Guthrie

Bruce Guthrie is a senior Australian journalist and former newspaper and magazine editor. In... more »

Bruce Headlam

Bruce Headlam is a Canadian journalist and the media desk editor of the New York Times since... more »

Bruce Nyznik

Bruce Nyznik is a sound editor. more »

Bruce Reed

Bruce Reed is the president of the Broad Foundation. Prior to assuming that role in December of... more »

Bruce VanWyngarden

Bruce VanWyngarden is a newspaper editor and the father of singer Andrew VanWyngarden. more »

Bryan A. Garner

Bryan A. Garner is a U.S. lawyer, lexicographer, and teacher who has written several books about... more »

Bryan Gruley

Bryan Gruley is an American writer. He has shared a Pulitzer Prize for journalism and been... more »

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