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Takahiro Kimura

Takahiro Kimura is a Japanese animator, illustrator and character designer. more »

Takami Akai

Takami Akai is an illustrator, game creator, character designer and animator born on November... more »

Takashi Yanase

Takashi Yanase adalah seorang penulis, pembuat puisi, ilustrator, dan pembuat lirik asal Jepang... more »

Takehiko Inoue

Takehiko Inoue is a Japanese manga artist, best known for the basketball manga Slam Dunk, which... more »

Takehito Harada

Takehito Harada is a chief executive officer of Studio ToOefuf and video game artist employed by... more »

Takeshi Koike

Takeshi Koike is a Japanese studio animator, illustrator and film director. Something of a... more »

Takeshi Obata

Takeshi Obata is a Japanese manga artist. He works as the artist in collaboration with a writer... more »

Taro Yashima

Taro Yashima was the pseudonym of Atsushi Iwamatsu, a Japanese artist who lived in the USA... more »

Tasha Tudor

Tasha Tudor was an American illustrator and writer of children's books. more »

Tatjana Mawrina

Tatjana Mawrina is an award-winning illustrator. more »

Ted Lewin

Ted Lewin is an author/illustrator of children's books. Lewin and his wife Betsy Lewin drew on... more »

Ted Sieger

Ted Sieger is an illustrator, director, writer and producer known for, among others, the... more »

Terese Nielsen

Terese Nielsen is a California-based freelance fantasy artist. more »

Terry Dykstra

Terry Dykstra is an artist whose work has appeared in role-playing games. more »

Tetsuya Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura is a Japanese video game artist, designer and director working for Square Enix... more »

Thé Tjong-Khing

Thé Tjong-Khing is a children's book illustrator based in the Netherlands. He was born in... more »

Theodore Ushev

Theodore Ushev is an animator, graphic designer, illustrator and multimedia artist in Montreal,... more »

Thomas Canty

Thomas Canty is an illustrator and book designer in the field of fantasy literature. more »

Thomas Csano

Thomas Csano is an illustrator and art director. more »

Thomas Handforth

Thomas Scofield Handforth was an American artist and etcher. He wrote and illustrated the... more »

Thomas Hearne

Thomas Hearne was an English landscape painter, engraver and illustrator. Hearne's watercolours... more »

Thomas Kidd

Thomas Kidd is an American science fiction and fantasy illustrator who lives in New Milford,... more »

Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast was a German-born American caricaturist and editorial cartoonist who was the "Father... more »

Thoralf Klouman

Thoralf Klouman was a Norwegian satirical illustrator and actor. more »

Thore Hansen

Thore Hansen is a writer and illustrator. more »

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