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Boris Souvarine

Boris Souvarine was a French Marxist, communist activist, essayist, and journalist. Souvarine... more »

Boris Stomakhin

Boris Vladimirovich Stomakhin is a Russian radical political activist, and editor of "Radical... more »

Boris Vian

Boris Vian was a French polymath: writer, poet, musician, singer, translator, critic, actor,... more »

Boris Vieru

Boris Vieru is a Moldovan politician. more »

Borzou Daragahi

Borzou Daragahi is a print and radio journalist and the former Baghdad bureau chief for the Los... more »

Bosley Crowther

Bosley Crowther was an American journalist and author who was film critic for The New York Times... more »

Boubacar Boris Diop

Boubacar Boris Diop is a Senegalese novelist, journalist and screenwriter. His best known work,... more »

Boubacar Diallo

Boubacar Diallo is a Burkinabé film maker. The son of a veterinarian, he worked as a journalist,... more »


Bowvayne is a British children's writer and musician, currently living in New York. In 2008 he... more »

Boy Abunda

Eugenio "Boy" Romerica Abunda, Jr. is a Filipino television host, publicist, talent manager and... more »

Boyce Richardson

Boyce Richardson, CM is a Canadian journalist, author and filmmaker. While he was a boy his... more »

Boyd Huppert

Boyd Huppert is an American television personality. He is a news reporter for KARE 11 in... more »

Boyd Matson

Boyd Matson is the former anchor of National Geographic Explorer and a former co-anchor of NBC's... more »

Boyi Bhimanna

Dr. Boyi Bhimanna, also transliterated as Bheemanna, Bheemana and in other ways, was a famous... more »

Boze Hadleigh

Boze Hadleigh aka George Hadley-Garcia is an American journalist writer of celebrity gossip and... more »

Bożena Walter

Bożena Walter is a journalist and tv presenter. more »

Brad Abraham

Brad Abraham is a Canadian-born writer currently based in New York City. His film and television... more »

Brad Evans

Brad Evans was a journalist. more »

Brad Friedman

Bradley Louis "Brad" Friedman is an American blogger, journalist, actor, radio broadcaster,... more »

Brad Giffen

Brad Giffen is a Canadian news anchor who has worked on television in both Canada and the United... more »

Brad Schrade

Brad Schrade is a journalist. more »

Brad Stone

Brad Stone is an American journalist and the author of the books, Gearheads: the Turbulent Rise... more »

Brad Will

Bradley Roland Will was an American activist, videographer and amateur journalist. He was... more »

Brady Dennis

Brady Dennis is a journalist. more »

Brady Hicks

Brady Hicks is a Philadelphia area journalist, radio personality, blogger, columnist, wrestling... more »

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