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Bristow Adams

Bristow Adams was an American journalist, professor, forester, and illustrator. Adams was born... more »

Brit Hume

Alexander Britton "Brit" Hume is a political commentator and television journalist. For twenty... more »

Britt Edwall

Britt Edwall is an actress, film director and screenwriter. more »

Britt Leach

Britt Leach is an American character actor. He is best known for his role in the films Goin'... more »

Brock Yates

Brock Yates is an American journalist and author. He was longtime executive editor of Car and... more »

Brodie Brazil

Brodie Brazil is an American television broadcaster who has been nominated for twenty-five and... more »

Bronisław Wildstein

Bronisław Wildstein is a former Polish dissident, a journalist, freelance author and, from May... more »

Bronwyn Drainie

Bronwyn Drainie is a Canadian arts journalist. Currently editor of the Literary Review of... more »

Brooke Anderson

Brooke Victoria Anderson was a co-host of The Insider, and is now a correspondent for... more »

Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin is an American TV news anchor. She hosts CNN Newsroom from 2pm to 4pm ET. more »

Brooke Sopelsa

Brooke Sopelsa is a film director, producer, editor and cinematographer. more »

Brooks Atkinson

Justin Brooks Atkinson was an American theatre critic. He worked for The New York Times from... more »

Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson is a British political columnist, currently working as a freelancer. Formerly a... more »

Bruce Arnold

Bruce Arnold is an English journalist and author who has lived in Ireland since 1957. His main... more »

Bruce Atherton Smith

Bruce Atherton Smith was a journalist and politician in the province of New Brunswick,... more »

Bruce Beck

Bruce Beck is the weekday Sports anchor at WNBC-TV. He is in his 15th year with News 4 New York... more »

Bruce Belfrage

Bruce Belfrage was an English actor, BBC newsreader and British Liberal Party politician. more »

Bruce Benderson

Bruce Benderson is an American author, to Jewish parents of Russian descent, who lives in New... more »

Bruce Buursma

Bruce Buursma is a journalist and a writer. more »

Bruce C. Davidson

Bruce C. Davidson is a journalist and a writer. more »

Bruce Catton

Charles Bruce Catton was an American historian and journalist, best known for his books on the... more »

Bruce Chadwick

Bruce Chadwick spent 23 years as a journalist with the New York Daily News before earning a... more »

Bruce Chapman

Bruce Kerry Chapman is the director and founder of the Discovery Institute, an American... more »

Bruce Clark

Bruce Clark is the international security editor of The Economist, and notable as the author of... more »

Bruce D. Butterfield

Bruce D. Butterfield is a journalist. more »

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