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Calvin Kane

Calvin Kane is the father of DeAndre Kane. more »

Calvin Kane

Calvin Kane is the brother of DeAndre Kane. more »

Calvin Kirven

Calvin Kirven is the father of basketball player Caid Kirven. more »

Calvin L. Scovel III

Calvin L. Scovel III is the sixth Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Transportation... more »

Calvin Lee

Calvin Everett Lee was a provincial level politician from Alberta, Canada. He served as a member... more »

Calvin Logan

Calvin Logan is the son of actor Bey Logan. more »

Calvin Miles

Calvin Miles is the father of basketball players, C.J. Miles and Cameron Miles. more »

Calvin Millan

Calvin Millan is the son of Cesar Millan. more »

Calvin Mosley Sr.

Calvin Mosley Sr. is the father of American football player C. J. Mosley. more »

Calvin O. Butts II

Calvin O. Butts II is the father of Calvin O. Butts more »

Calvin Packer Hartley

Calvin Packer Hartley is the ex-husband of Jamie Hartley. more »

Calvin Peach

Calvin Peach is a Canadian politician. He was elected to represent the district of Bellevue in... more »

Calvin Pokiak

Calvin P. Pokiak is an engineer, a former civil servant, and a current municipal and territorial... more »

Calvin Pollard

Calvin Pollard was a prominent New York City architect. He is known for his early design of the... more »

Calvin Potter

Calvin Potter is a former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly and the Wisconsin State Senate. more »

Calvin Prasad

Calvin Prasad is an Indo-Fijian chess player. He is the first male chess player to earn a... more »

Calvin Reed

Calvin Reed is the son of Brett Reed. more »

Calvin Robards

Calvin Robards is the son of Sam Robards and Sidsel Jensen. more »

Calvin Roy Darnell, Jr.

Calvin Roy Darnell, Jr. is the brother of actress Linda Darnell. more »

Calvin Rubles

Calvin Rubles is a brother of the basketball player Titus Rubles. more »

Calvin Sloan

Calvin Sloan is the son of Chuck Sloan and Holly Goldberg Sloan. more »

Calvin Veltman

Calvin Veltman is an American sociologist, demographer and sociolinguist at the Université du... more »

Calvin Wallace

Calvin Wallace is a former defensive end in the National Football League. more »

Calvin Ware

Calvin Ware is the father of Gavin Ware. more »

Calvin Williams

Calvin Williams is the father of Ada Williams. more »

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