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Cuthbert Ramsey

Cuthbert Ramsey is the husband of actress Lois Ramsey. more »

Cuthbert Savage

Cuthbert Savage is the son of Edwin Sidney Savage. more »

Cuthbert Scott

Cuthbert Scott was a Catholic bishop and academic at the University of Cambridge. more »

Cutheard of Lindisfarne

Cutheard of Lindisfarne was Bishop of Lindisfarne from 900 to 915, although the see was... more »

Cuthred of Kent

Cuðred was a King of Kent. After the revolt of Kent under Eadberht III Præn was defeated in 798... more »

Cutting Ball

"Cutting" Ball was a notorious criminal during the Elizabethan Age. Thomas Nashe mentions a... more »

Cutuy Herrero

Cutuy Herrero is the son of actor Subas Herrero and Maripaz Herrero. more »

CV Joseph

CV Joseph is the father of Sunny Joseph. more »

CV Madhukar

C. V. Madhukar is a co-founder and director of PRS Legislative Research, a research institution... more »

Cy Casper

Charles Andrew "Cy" Casper was a player in the National Football League. more »

Cy Coben

Cyrus "Cy" Coben was an American songwriter whose hits were recorded by bandleaders, country... more »

Cy Gonick

Cy Gonick is a former politician in Manitoba, Canada. He was a member of the Legislative... more »

Cy Gray

Flying Officer Roderick Borden Gray, GC, known as Cy Gray, of the Royal Canadian Air Force was... more »

Cy LeBlanc

Richard "Cy" LeBlanc is a politician in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. LeBlanc graduated... more »

Cy Leonard

Cy Leonard was a Canadian entertainer who was the first ventriloquist to perform on Canadian... more »

Cy McLean

Cy McLean was a Canadian pianist and band leader, whose career spanned the 1940s to the 1970s... more »

Cy Thomson

Ransom J. "Cy" Thomson is best known as the man who, between the years of 1911 and 1921,... more »

Cyaxares II

Cyaxares II was said to be a king of the Medes whose reign is described by the Greek historian... more »


Cycliadas was an ancient Greek statesman and general. He was the son of Damaretos of Pharae in... more »

Cylon of Athens

Cylon was an Athenian associated with the first reliably dated event in Athenian history, the... more »


Cynegeirus or Cynaegeirus or Cynegirus was an ancient Greek hero of Athens and had three... more »

Cynan ab Owain Gwynedd

Cynan ab Owain Gwynedd was an illegitimate son of Owain Gwynedd, a Prince of the ancient Kingdom... more »

Cynan ap Maredudd

Cynan ap Maredudd was a Welsh nobleman who assumed leadership of the Welsh revolt of Madog ap... more »

Cynan Dindaethwy

Cynan Dindaethwy or Cynan ap Rhodri was a king of Gwynedd in Wales of the Early Middle Ages... more »


Cynemund was a medieval Bishop of Hereford. He was elected in 888 and died between 888 and 901. more »

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