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Eben Matlis

Eben Matlis is a mathematician known for his contributions to the theory of rings and modules,... more »

Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan eli David DeAngelo on yhdysvaltalainen, maailman johtavimpiin kuuluva, deittailuguru... more »

Eben Parsons

Eben Parsons was the father of actress Estelle Parsons. more »

Eben Ray McGarr Sr.

Eben Ray McGarr Sr. was the father of John P. McGarr. more »

Eben Sexton

Eben Sexton is the brother of Brendan Sexton III. more »

Eben van Zijl

Ebenezer van Zijl was a White Namibian politician and lawyer in South West Africa, the... more »

Ebenezer Baldwin

Chaplain Ebenezer Baldwin was a noted religious leader in Connecticut in the years preceding the... more »

Ebenezer Brown

Ebenezer Brown was an English-born wholesale merchant and political figure in British Columbia... more »

Ebenezer Cooke

Ebenezer Cooke was an art master and pioneer in art education. An apprenticed lithographic... more »

Ebenezer Erskine Pressly

Ebenezer Erskine Pressly was the first president of Erskine Theological Seminary, beginning his... more »

Ebenezer Forrest

Ebenezer Forrest, was an English attorney. Forrest resided at George Street, York Buildings,... more »

Ebenezer Foster

Ebenezer Foster was a judge in New Jersey and political figure in New Brunswick. He represented... more »

Ebenezer Fox

Ebenezer Fox, was an English journalist who later settled in Australia and New Zealand. Fox was... more »

Ebenezer Hamlin

Ebenezer Hamlin was a Member of Parliament in New Zealand, and an independent conservative. He... more »

Ebenezer Mack

Ebenezer Mack was an American printer, newspaper publisher and politician from New York. more »

Ebenezer Ntlali

The Rt Rev Ebeneezer St Mark Ntlali is the current Bishop of Grahamstown. Born in 1954 in... more »

Ebenezer P. Dorr

Ebenezer Pearson Dorr was a merchant sailor, insurance executive, and meteorologist. Dorr was... more »


Eber is an ancestor of the Israelites, according to the "Table of Nations" in Genesis 10-11 and... more »

Eber Lambert

Eber Lambert is the father of Adam Lambert. more »

Eber Phelps

Eber Phelps is a Democratic member of the Kansas House of Representatives, representing the... more »

Eberhard Billick

Eberhard Billick was a German theologian instrumental in keeping the city of Cologne Catholic... more »

Eberhard Bodenschatz

Professor Eberhard Bodenschatz is a German physicist. He was born on April 22, 1959 in Rehau. He... more »

Eberhard Burger

Eberhard Burger, OBE is a German civil engineer. He is particularly active in Dresden,... more »

Eberhard Fraas

Eberhard Fraas was a German scientist, geologist and paleontologist. He worked as a curator at... more »

Eberhard I, Count of Bonngau

Eberhard I, count of Bonngau and count in Zulpichgau and in Keldachgau, son of Erenfried I of... more »

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