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Earnst Michaelis

81-year-old Earnst Michaelis has identified his dearest childhood friend, Peter Schiff, as the... more »

Earvin III Johnson

Earvin III Johnson is the son of Magic Johnson. more »

Earvin Johnson Sr.

Earvin Johnson Sr. is a worker. more »

Easan Portman

Easan Portman is the brother of Joannah Portman. more »

Easley Blackwood, Sr.

Easley Rutland Blackwood, American contract bridge player and author and inventor of the... more »

Eason Jordan

Eason T. Jordan is the general manager of NowThis News, an upstart video news network... more »

Easow Mar Timotheos Episcopa

Easow Mar Timotheos was an Episcopa of the Mar Thoma Church from 1975 to 1988. His missionary... more »

East Coast Rapist

The East Coast Rapist is a black male who has committed a number of rapes in Maryland, Virginia,... more »

Eastman Narangoda

Eastman Narangoda is the current Chairman of George Steuart Finance & former Chairman of Seylan... more »

Easton Doan

Easton Doan is the son of Catriona LeMay Doan. more »

Easton Duckworth

Easton Duckworth is the son of professional baseball player Brandon Duckworth. more »

Easton Joseph Guillory

Easton Joseph Guillory was the father of Isaac Guillory. more »

Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman

Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman is the son of Bodhi Elfman and Jenna Elfman. more »

Eaton Green

Eaton Green was a Yardie gang member involved in armed robbery, drug dealing and extortion in... more »


Ezana was a king of Axum. He is primarily known from the coins minted during his reign. more »

Ebbe Frick

Ebbe Frick is a Swedish sprint canoer who competed in the early to mid-1950s. He won three... more »

Ebbe Hertzberg

Ebbe Carsten Hornemann Hertzberg was a Norwegian historian, economist and politician. He... more »

Ebbert Webber

Ebbert True "Bert" Webber was an American research photojournalist, author and publisher whose... more »

Ebby Thust

Eberhard "Ebby" Thust, is a boxing promoter based in Germany. His former boxers have... more »

Ebdo Mihemed

Ebdo Mihemed is a Kurdish wedding singer from Efrin, Syria. He became popular in Finland in... more »


Ebed-Melech is mentioned in the Book of Jeremiah as an official at the palace of king Zedekiah... more »

Eben Alexander

Eben Alexander was an American scholar, educator, dean, and ambassador. more »

Eben Emerson

Eben Emerson was an American lighthouse keeper who served at Wood Island Light, Maine from 1861... more »

Eben Gulick

Eben Gulick is the son of Lissy Gulick. more »

Eben Macdonald

Eben Macdonald is the son of India Jane Birley. more »

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