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Evgeni Pliuta

Evgeni Pliuta is a Ukrainian figure skater. He is the 1993 World Junior champion. more »

Evgenii Dainov

Evgenii Dainov is a Bulgarian academic, author and political commentator. He graduated with a... more »

Evgenii Feinberg

Evgenii L'vovich Feinberg was a Soviet physicist, well known for his contributions to... more »

Evgenij Sviatchenko

Evgenij Adrianovich Sviatchenko was born in 1924 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In 1951, he graduated from... more »

Evgenios Papadopoulos

Evgenios Papadopoulos is a Greek sprinter who specialized in the 200 metres. He finished fourth... more »

Evgeniy Bychkov

Evgeniy Bychkov is the father of journalist Olga Bychkova. more »

Evgeny A. Korovin

Evgeny Alexandrovich Korovin, was a famous Soviet jurist specializing in international law. more »

Evgeny Chursin

Evgeny Chursin is the brother of actor Yuri Chursin. more »

Evgeny Golod

Evgenii Solomonovich Golod is a Russian mathematician who proved the Golod–Shafarevich theorem... more »

Evgeny Kliachkin

Evgeny Isaakovich Kliachkin was a Soviet and Russian bard, singer, and composer. more »

Evgeny Kudyakov

Evgeny Kudyakov is a Russian judoka. more »

Evgeny Maleev

Evgeny Aleksandrovich Maleev was a Russian paleontologist who named the armoured dinosaur... more »

Evgeny Stalev

Evgeny Stalev is a Russian professional player of pool and Russian pyramid, as well as a... more »

Evgeny Ukhanov

Evgeny Ukhanov is a Ukrainian-Australian pianist. He commenced learning the piano at age seven... more »

Evgueniy Alexiev

Evgueniy Alexiev is a French operatic baritone. He has lived in Bordeaux since 1992. more »

Evilastus Kaaronda

Evilastus Kaaronda is a Namibian trade unionist. He served as the secretary general of the... more »

Evison Matafale

Evison Matafale was a Malawian Rastafarian whose music rose to popularity in Malawi. He was the... more »

Evoloko Jocker

Evoloko Atshuamo, best known as Evoloko Jocker or Lay Lay, is a popular congolese soukous... more »

Evon Peter

Evon Peter is the brother of Princess Lucaj. more »

Evrard d'Orleans

Evrard d'Orleans was a French gothic sculptor, painter, and architect. D'Orleans worked for the... more »

Evsei Agron

Evsei Agron was a thief in law and boss of New York City's Russian Mafia during the 1970s and... more »

Evstati Stratev

Evstati Stratev was a Bulgarian stage and film actor born in 1934, deceased in 1984. He is best... more »

Evžen Plocek

Evžen Plocek was a Czech man who committed suicide by self-immolation as a political protest. more »

Ewa Lenkiewicz

Ewa Lenkiewicz is a film editor. more »

Ewald Bosse

Ewald Theodor Alfred Bosse was a Swedish-Norwegian sociologist and economist. He was born in... more »

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