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Ezequiel Uricoechea

Ezequiel Uricoechea was a Colombian linguist and scientist. He is considered one of the first... more »

Ezio Galon

Ezio Galon is a rugby union player for Mogliano Rugby in the Excellence competition. A native of... more »

Ezio Gianola

Ezio Moreno Gianola is a former Italian Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. His best year was in... more »

Ezmel de Ablitas

Ezmel de Ablitas, "the rich Jew of Ablitas", had business relations with the King of Navarre and... more »


Ezra, also called Ezra the Scribe and Ezra the Priest in the Book of Ezra. According to the... more »

Ezra A. Burrell

Ezra A. Burrell was a Republican politician from Idaho. He served as the tenth Lieutenant... more »

Ezra Attiya

Ezra Attiya was one of the greatest teachers of Torah in the Sephardic Jewish world in the 20th... more »

Ezra Baya Lawiri

Canon Ezra Baya Lawiri was a Sudanese teacher, Episcopalian priest and scholar, responsible for... more »

Ezra Beckett Baddiel

Ezra Beckett Baddiel is the son of Morwenna Banks. more »

Ezra ben Isaac Fano

Ezra ben Isaac Fano was Rabbi of Mantua and cabalist who lived in the 16th and 17th centuries... more »

Ezra Burke

Ezra Burke is a film crew member. more »

Ezra Charles

Ezra Charles is the stage name of Charles Helpinstill, the American founder of the company of... more »

Ezra Cline

Ezra Cline was an American bluegrass bassist. He began performing locally with his cousins... more »

Ezra Convis

Ezra Convis was the first speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives and the founder of... more »

Ezra Danin

Ezra Danin was the head of the Arab section of the SHAI, the intelligence arm of the Hagana,... more »

Ezra Gray

Ezra Gray is a son of John Gray. more »

Ezra Greenleaf Weld

Ezra Greenleaf Weld, often known simply as "Greenleaf", was a photographer and an operator of a... more »

Ezra Hamilton

Ezra M. Hamilton was a pioneer known for his role in the development of Antelope Valley,... more »

Ezra Jordan

Ezra Jordan is the son of Amy Sky and Marc Jordan. more »

Ezra Krabbé

Ezra Krabbé is the son of Tim Krabbé. more »

Ezra Kulko

Ezra Kulko was the husband of Sharon Gans. more »

Ezra Malki

Ezra Malki was rabbi of Rhodes in the seventeenth century; he was brother-in-law of Hezekiah de... more »

Ezra Mullen

Ezra Mullen is the son of U2 drummer Larry Mullen. more »

Ezra P. Ewers

Lieut. Col. Ezra P. Ewers was born in Wayneport, Wayne county, N.Y. He was educated in the... more »

Ezra Quinn

Ezra Quinn is the son of actor Brandon Quinn and Rachel Catudal. more »

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