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Oba Ewuare was the king of the Benin Empire from 1440 until 1473. Ewuare became king in a... more »


Execestides was the father of Solon. more »

Execution of George Spencer

George Spencer was the first non-native person to be executed in Connecticut. Amongst his... more »

Expo Mejia

Expedito Jose M. Mejia is the current head coach of the Philippines national rugby union team... more »

Exton Elias Downey

Exton Elias Downey is the son of Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey. more »

Extreme Tiger

Extreme Tiger is a Mexican professional wrestler, best known for his work in Asistencia Asesoría... more »

Exupere Joseph Bertin

Exupere Joseph Bertin was a French anatomist born in Tremblay, Brittany. He was the father of... more »

Eyad Alrababah

Eyad Mustafa Alrababah was a Jordanian citizen arrested following the September 11, 2001... more »

Eyad Ismoil

Eyad Ismoil, also transliterated as Eyad Ismail, is a Jordanian citizen who, for his role in the... more »

Eyal Koren

Eyal Koren is the husband of Aya Koren. more »

Eyal Meged

Eyal Meged is the husband of Zeruya Shalev. more »

Eyal Weizman

Eyal Weizman is an Israeli intellectual and architect. He is Professor of Spatial and Visual... more »

Eyob Britton

Eyob Britton is the adopted son of Connie Britton. more »

Eystein Glumra

Eystein Glumra, also called Eystein Ivarsson was Jarl of Oppland and Hedmark in Norway. The... more »

Eystein Halfdansson

Eystein Halfdansson was the son of Halfdan Hvitbeinn of the House of Yngling according to... more »

Eystein Husebye

Eystein Husebye is a Norwegian seismologist. He was born in Sulitjelma, Salten. He took doctoral... more »


Eysteinn was the son of Eadgils and Yrsa of Saxony. He was the father of Ingvar. The Eysteinn... more »

Eysteinn Beli

Eysteinn Beli or Eysteinn inn illráði, Swedish: Östen Illråde or Östen Beli, was a legendary... more »

Eytan Boon

Eytan Boon is the son of actor Dany Boon. more »

Eytan Schwartz

Eytan Schwartz won the first season of "The Ambassador," a popular Israeli reality TV show that... more »

Eyvind Getz

Eyvind Getz was a Norwegian barrister and politician for the Conservative Party. He was a son of... more »

Eyvindur P. Eiríksson

Eyvindur P. Eiríksson is an Icelandic writer born in Hnífsdalur in 1935. He received his B.A... more »

Ez Gomér

Ez Gomér is a Swedish musician - vocalist and bass player, songwriter and producer. Vocalist and... more »

Ez Mitchell

Ez Mitchell is the husband of Keegan Connor Tracy. more »


A local leader of an anti-Taliban militia, from Sorubi, set up a provisional government in... more »

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