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Braulio Antonio García Bautista è un cantante spagnolo, famoso soprattutto negli anni settanta... more »

Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias

Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, a national of Brazil, currently serves as United Nations... more »

Brazo de Oro

Jesús Alvarado Nieves is a Mexican Luchador who works under the name Brazo de Oro. Alvarado... more »

Breasal Madden

Breasal Madden, Chief of the Name, died 1745. more »

Breda Smolnikar

Breda Smolnikar, is a Slovene writer who has also published under the pseudonym Gospa. She... more »

Bredo Greve

Adolf Bredo Stabell Greve was a Norwegian architect. He was born in Hamar as a son of Mathias... more »

Bregje Heinen

Bregje Heinen is a Dutch model. more »

Brenda Blackmon

Brenda Blackmon is an African-American anchor based in New York City. Blackmon co-anchored the... more »

Brenda Cherry

Brenda Cherry, is an American Civil Rights Activist from Paris, Texas. Cherry is the President... more »

Brenda López de Arrarás

Brenda López de Arrarás is a Puerto Rican politician. She is currently a member of the Puerto... more »

Brenda McCowan

Brenda McCowan is a research behaviorist interested in evolutionary, biological, and ecological... more »

Brendan Flood

Brendan Flood is an English businessman and entrepreneur. Through his family trust he is one of... more »

Brendan Healy

Brendan Healy is an entertainer from North East England. Beginning as a musician, he worked in... more »

Brendon Dorgan

Brendon Dorgan is the son of Byron Dorgan. more »

Brent Crane

Brent J. Crane is a Republican Idaho State Representative since 2006 representing District 13 in... more »

Brent Handler

Brent Handler is an American entrepreneur and pioneer of the destination club industry... more »

Brent Skoda

Brent Skoda is an American businessman, the Entrepreneurs Organization's 2010 Global Student... more »

Brent Steele

Brent Steele is a Republican member of the Indiana Senate, representing the 44th District since... more »

Brent W. Webb

Brent Woodruff Webb has been the Academic Vice President at Brigham Young University since 2011... more »

Bres Rí

Bres Rí, son of Art Imlech, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a... more »

Brett Doyle

Brett Doyle is a horse racing jockey. Doyle has ridden 147 winners in Hong Kong across a number... more »

Brett Giroir

Brett P. Giroir, M.D. is an American biomedical researcher. He currently serves as the Executive... more »

Brett Helm

Brett Helm is a serial entrepreneur and off-road motorcycle racer. Helm is best known for... more »

Brewster Morris

Brewster Hillard Morris was an American diplomat. He was the United States Ambassador to Chad... more »

Brian Allan

Brian Allan is a Scottish musician and a founder of the “Global One” and “Poland…Why Not?”... more »

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