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Prosper Dezitter

Prosper Dezitter was a Belgian collaborator with Nazi Germany in World War II. Posing as... more »

Prosper Masatu Makonya

Prosper Masatu Makonya is a Tanzanian sportsperson who was elected as president of the East and... more »

Prospère Mushobekwa

Prospère Mushobekwa Nyalukemba is the former president of the Provincial Assembly of Sud-Kivu,... more »

Protase Rugambwa

Protase Rugambwa is the current adjunct secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of... more »

Proteas of Macedon

Proteas, son of Andronicus and Lanike, was a syntrophos and hetairos of Alexander the Great. He... more »


Protomachus was a Macedonian general in the Battle of Issus commanding the Prodromoi and... more »

Proxenus of Boeotia

Proxenus of Boeotia was a disciple of Gorgias, and a friend of Xenophon. Being connected by the... more »

Przedpełko Kropidłowski

Przedpełko Kropidłowski of Dryja was a Polish 15th century knight. According to the chronicle of... more »

Przemysław Gawrych

Przemyslaw Gawrych is a Poland sprint canoer who competed in the mid-2000s. He won two bronze... more »


Pseudo-Ingulf is the name given to an unknown English author of the Historia Monasterii... more »


Pseudo-Marcellus is an early Christian document. It is a reworking of apocryphal traditions... more »


Mouhamed Jandoubi, better known by his stage name Psycho-M, is a Tunisian rapper and songwriter... more »

Pugazh Thunai Nayanar

Pugazh Thunai Nayanar was a pious Adi Shaiva saint of Srivilliputhur. He was a priest whose... more »

Puggy Hunton

John "Puggy" Hunton was the final all-time head coach for the Gonzaga University Bulldogs... more »

Puna Himene Te Rangimarie

Puna Himene Te Rangimarie was a New Zealand healer, nurse and spiritual leader. She was born in... more »

Punarvasu Bhat

Punarvasu Bhat is the child of Yogaraj Bhat. more »

Pundalika Halambi

Pundalika Halambi is the 24th President of Kannada Sahitya Parishat, an Indian non-profit... more »

Pyrrhus II of Epirus

Pyrrhus II was the son of Olympias II and Alexander II of Epirus. He was a brother of Ptolemy... more »

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