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Wilfrid Stevenson, Baron Stevenson of Balmacara

Robert Wilfrid Stevenson, Baron Stevenson of Balmacara cr 2010, of Little Missenden in the... more »

Wilfried Peffgen

Wilfried Peffgen is a retired German cyclist who was active between 1959 and 1983. He won a... more »

Wilfried van Winden

Wilfried van Winden is a Dutch architect who is particularly celebrated for his design for the... more »

Wilhelm Ahrens

Wilhelm Ahrens was a German mathematician and writer on recreational mathematics. more »

Wilhelm Amsinck Burchard-Motz

Wilhelm Amsinck Burchard-Motz was a German lawyer and national-liberal politician. He served as... more »

Wilhelm Boland

Wilhelm Boland is a German chemist. more »

Wilhelm Breckvelt

Wilhelm Breckvelt, or Breekvelt, was a Dutch Golden Age painter. more »

Wilhelm Bugge

Fredrik Wilhelm Bugge was a Norwegian barrister and businessperson. more »

Wilhelm Dittenberger

Wilhelm Dittenberger was a German philologist in classic epigraphy. more »

Wilhelm Dörr

Wilhelm Dörr was a German SS-Oberscharführer and concentration camp officer. He served as a... more »

Wilhelm Ebel

Wilhelm Ebel was a scholar of Early Germanic law, known for editing and translating a number of... more »

Wilhelm Friedrich Mittrich

Wilhelm Friedrich Mittrich is a German entrepreneur who became notable for being the CEO of ODS,... more »

Wilhelm Holzbauer

Wilhelm Holzbauer is an Austrian architect, noted as a "pragmatic" modernist. He was a student... more »

Wilhelm Jakob Rink von Baldenstein

Wilhelm Jakob Rink von Baldenstein was the Prince-Bishop of Basel from 1693 to 1705. more »

Wilhelm Jörns

Wilhelm Jörns is the father of Laya Raki. more »

Wilhelm Kattwinkel

William Kattwinkel was a German neurologist and paleontologist. He was particularly known for... more »

Wilhelm Knauth

Dr. Wilhelm Knauth was a highly decorated Hauptmann der Reserve in the Wehrmacht during World... more »

Wilhelm Nicolaysen

Wilhelm Lorentz Lexau Nicolaysen was a Norwegian barrister and businessperson. He was born in... more »

Wilhelm Preus Sommerfeldt

Wilhelm Preus Sommerfeldt was a Norwegian bibliographer and librarian. He was born in... more »

Wilhelm Schmidding

Wilhelm Schmidding from Bodenbach, Germany, was a World War II constructor of rocket engines... more »

Wilhelm Schraml

Wilhelm Schraml is the bishop emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Passau, Germany. Schraml... more »

Wilhelm Simon

Wilhelm Simon was a German SS-Hauptscharführer. During World War II he held administrative posts... more »

Wilhelm Theodor Schiefler

Wilhelm Theodor Schiefler, also Guilherme Henrique Theodoro Schiefler was a German-Brazilian... more »

Wilhelm Ule

Wilhelm Ule, sometimes referred to as Willi Ule was a German geographer and limnologist. He was... more »

Wilhelm Vischer

Wilhelm Eduard Vischer was a Swiss pastor, theologian, Hebraist, Old Testament scholar and... more »

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