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François-Marie Banier

Francois Marie Banier is an actor. more »

Françoise Demulder

Françoise Demulder was a French war photographer who in 1976 became the first woman to win the... more »

Françoise Doherty

Françoise Doherty is a Canadian filmmaker, songwriter and media artist. Noted for being a... more »

Frank Bruynbroek

Frank Bruynbroek is an actor and photographer. more »

Frank Cushing

Frank Cushing is a Pulitzer-prize winning photographer. more »

Frank Filan

Frank Filan is a Pulitzer-prize winning photographer. more »

Frank Fournier

Frank Fournier is a French photographer. Before becoming a photographer, he had studied medicine... more »

Frank G. Carpenter

Frank George Carpenter was an author, photographer, lecturer, collector of photographs... more »

Frank Habicht

Frank Habicht is a Photographer. more »

Frank Hurley

James Francis "Frank" Hurley, OBE was an Australian photographer and adventurer. He participated... more »

Frank Lee Ruggles

Frank Lee Ruggles is an Artist, Author, and former Eminent Photographer for the National Park... more »

Frank M Polack

Frank M Polack was an American ophthalmologist, specializing in surgery and treatment of... more »

Frank Noel

Frank E. "Pappy" Noel was an Associated Press photographer and the winner of the 1943 Pulitzer... more »

Frank Paulin

Frank Paulin was born in Pittsburgh in 1926, and is an American artist and photographer. Paulin... more »

Frank Plicka

Frank Plicka is a Czech-born Australian photographer, best known for his book Streets of Sydney,... more »

Frank Reaugh

Charles Franklin Reaugh, known as Frank Reagh, was an artist, photographer, inventor, patron of... more »

Frank Rinehart

Frank Albert Rinehart was an American artist famous for his photography capturing Native... more »

Frank S. Matsura

Frank Matsura was an early 20th-century Japanese photographer who travelled from Japan to... more »

Frank Searle

Frank Searle was a photographer who studied the disputed existence of the Loch Ness Monster. He... more »

Frank Smythe

Francis Sydney Smythe, better known as Frank Smythe or F. S. Smythe, was a British mountaineer,... more »

Frank Stefanko

Frank Stefanko is a fine art photographer with connections to New Jersey performers Patti Smith... more »

Frank Urson

Frank Urson was an American silent film director and cinematographer from Chicago, Illinois... more »

Frank Worth

Frank Worth was an American photographer who befriended and photographed many Hollywood actors... more »

Frankie Owen

Francesca "Frankie" Owen is an Australian synchronized swimmer. She was selected to represent... more »

Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting, is a Dutch photographer specializing in wildlife photography. more »

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