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Henry Flores

Henry Flores is a professional American photographer who addresses modern pop culture. He... more »

Henry K. Landis

Henry Kinzer Landis was an editor, photographer, collector, and founder of the Landis Valley... more »

Henry Lizardlover

Henry Lizardlover is a herpetoculturist, writer, and photographer who changed his last name to... more »

Henry Peach Robinson

Henry Peach Robinson was an English pictorialist photographer best known for his pioneering... more »

Henry Peter Bosse

Henry Peter Bosse German-American photographer, cartographer and civil engineer. more »

Henry Ries

Henry Ries was a photographer who worked for New York Times. His most famous photo was of "The... more »

Henry Swift

Henry Swift was an American photographer and member of the famous Group f/64. In the early 1920s... more »

Henry T. Anthony

Henry Tiebout Anthony was an American photographer and the vice president of the E. & H. T... more »

Henry Taunt

Henry William Taunt was a professional photographer based in Oxford, England. His studio was in... more »

Henry Ulke

Henry Ulke was an American photographer and portrait painter. more »

Henry Way Kendall

Henry Way Kendall was an American particle physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1990... more »

Henry Wessel, Jr.

Henry Wessel, Jr. is an American photographer noted for his descriptive, yet poetic photographs... more »

Henry Wolf

Henry Wolf was an Austrian-born, American graphic designer, photographer and art director. He... more »

Henryk Ross

Henryk Ross was a Polish Jewish photographer who was employed as a photographer by the... more »

Herb Greene

Herb Greene is an American photographer known for his photographs of 1960s San Francisco musicians. more »

Herb Ringer

Herb Ringer was an amateur photographer who chronicled the rural and wilderness areas of the... more »

Herb Ritts

Herb Ritts is a photographer, music video director and an actor. more »

Herb Scharfman

Herb Scharfman was an American photographer notable for several famous photographs of American... more »

Herbert Bowyer Berkeley

Herbert Bowyer Berkeley was an English photographer as well as a chemical engineer. He was the... more »

Herbert Finlay

Herbert Finlay was an Australian producer, photographer and exhibitor. He initially worked in... more »

Herbert List

Herbert List was a German photographer, who worked for magazines, including Vogue, Harper's... more »

Herbert Mason

Herbert Mason was a British producer and film director. He was also a photographer during World... more »

Herbert Matter

Herbert Matter was a Swiss-born American photographer and graphic designer known for his... more »

Herbert Randall

Herbert Eugene Randall, Jr. is an American photographer who had documented the effects of the... more »

Herbert Tobias

Herbert Tobias was a German photographer who specialized in black & white. He is credited with... more »

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