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Kolë Idromeno

Kolë Idromeno was an Albanian painter, sculptor, photographer, architect and engineer. He was... more »

Kon Sasaki

Kon Sasaki died March 27, 2009 was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Kōnosuke Ishii

Kōnosuke Ishii was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Koo Stark

Kathleen Dee-Anne Stark, better known as Koo Stark, is an American film actress and... more »

Kōrō Honjō

Kōrō Honjō was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Koroku Ōkubo

Koroku Ōkubo was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Kōshirō Onchi

Kōshirō Onchi, born in Tokyo, was a Japanese print-maker. He was the father of the sōsaku-hanga... more »

Kōtarō Tanaka

Kōtarō Tanaka was a Japanese amateur photographer particularly noted for his photography of... more »

Koutaiba Al Janabi

Koutaiba Al Janabi is a Britain-based Iraqi filmmaker, director and photographer born in... more »

Kōyō Ishikawa

Kōyō Ishikawa was a renowned Japanese photographer. As an officer of the Metropolitan Police... more »

Kōyō Okada

Kōyō Okada was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Kōyō Yasumoto

Kōyō Yasumoto was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Kōzō Miyoshi

Kōzō Miyoshi is a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Kristen Zelenka

Kristen Zelenka is a an artist and film director and photographer. more »

Kristin Lodoen Linder

Kristin Lodoen or Kristin Linder is a Norwegian photographer, visual artist, dancer and... more »

Kristin Steensland

Kristin Steensland is an actress and photographer. more »

Kristina Loggia

Kristina Loggia is an actress and a photographer. more »

Kristina Schmid

Kristina Schmid is a Swedish photographer from Stockholm. Schmid visited the Medborgarskolan'... more »

Kristina Söderbaum

Beata Margareta Kristina Söderbaum was a Swedish-born German film actress, producer, and... more »

Kristine Di Grigoli

Before moving to Philadelphia and becoming an associate photographer at Church Street Studios,... more »

Kristine Imboch

Lorelei (born on March 8, 1963), also known as Kristine Imboch, is a well-known bondage model,... more »

Kristine Sutherland

Kristine Sutherland is an actress best known for starring her role as Buffy Summers' mother... more »

Kristy Cockburn

Kristy Cockburn is a photographer and the mother of Serge Cockburn. more »

Krzysztof Olszewski

Krzysztof Olszewski, exhibits work as "KED" - Polish photographer, visual and installation... more »

Kubota Hiroji

Hiroji Kubota is a renowned Japanese photographer, a member of Magnum Photos who has specialized... more »

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