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Dr. Janardan Waghmare

Janardan Waghmare is an Indian politician and a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of... more »

Dr. Nechar

DR. NECHAR http://www.camara.gov.br/internet/deputado/Dep_Detalhe.asp?id=528986PV /SP -... more »

Dr. Rosinha

DR. ROSINHA http://www.camara.gov.br/internet/deputado/Dep_Detalhe.asp?id=522070PT /PR -... more »

Dr. Syed Gulam Farooq Mirranay

Dr. Syed Ghulam Farooq Mirranay was born in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan in 1950. Dr. Syed... more »

Dr. Talmir

DR. TALMIR http://www.camara.gov.br/internet/deputado/Dep_Detalhe.asp?id=529019PV /SP -... more »

Dr. Ubiali

DR. UBIALI http://www.camara.gov.br/internet/deputado/Dep_Detalhe.asp?id=528762PSB /SP -... more »

Dragan Čavić

Dragan Čavić was the President of Republika Srpska 2002-2006. He was Vice President of Republika... more »

Dragan Čović

Dragan Čović is a Croat politician from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Čović is the leader of the... more »

Dragan Jočić

Dragan Jočić is a Serbian politician. He is best known for being the Serbian Minister of... more »

Dragan Klaric

Dragan Daniel Klaric, born 17 February 1965, is a Swedish blogger and former Sweden Democrats... more »

Dragan Kojadinović

Dragan Kojadinović was the Serbian Minister of Culture. He graduated from the Department of... more »

Dragan Maršićanin

Dragan Maršićanin is a Serbian politician. He was the ambassador of Serbia to Switzerland,... more »

Dragan Mikerević

Dragan Mikerević is a Serb politician from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He served as Prime Minister... more »

Dragan Pantelić

Dragan Pantelić is a former Yugoslavian football goalkeeper. more »

Dragan Primorac

Dragan Primorac is a university professor, pediatrician, geneticist and forensic science expert... more »

Dragan Savic

Dragan Savic was a politician and the father of Stefan Savić. more »

Dragan Šutanovac

Dragan Šutanovac is a former Minister of Defence in the Government of Serbia. more »

Dragan Todorović

Dragan Todorović is a Serbian politician, ans was vice-president of the Serbian Radical Party... more »

Dragan Tsankov

Dragan Cankov was a Bulgarian politician. more »

Dragan Velić

Dragan Velić is a Kosovo Serb politician, currently serving as president of the Union of Serbian... more »

Dragan Veselinov

Dragan Veselinov is a Serbian politician. As the president of the Serbian Peasants Party in... more »

Dragan Đilas

Dragan Đilas is a Serbian politician and businessman who was the Mayor of Belgrade. As of... more »

Dragan Đokanović

Dragan Đokanović is a Serb politician from Bosnia and Herzegovina. more »

Dragan Đorđević

Dragan Đorđević was the presidential candidate in the Serbian presidential election, 2004 for... more »

Dragan Đurović

Dragan Đurović is the deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, and the interior minister. Graduated... more »

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