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Dudley Ryder, 6th Earl of Harrowby

Dudley Ryder, 6th Earl of Harrowby, known as Viscount Sandon from 1900 to 1956, was a British... more »

Dudley Ryder, 7th Earl of Harrowby

Dudley Danvers Granville Coutts Ryder, 7th Earl of Harrowby, TD was a deputy chairman of Coutts... more »

Dudley S. Gregory

Dudley Sanford Gregory was the first Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, and was elected as a Whig... more »

Dudley Selden

Dudley Selden was an American lawyer and politician from New York. more »

Dudley Senanayake

Dudley Shelton Senanayake was a Ceylonese politician, who became the second Prime Minister of... more »

Dudley Smith

Sir Dudley Gordon Smith is a British Conservative politician. Smith was educated at Chichester... more »

Dudley Spade

Dudley Spade is a politician from the U.S. state of Michigan. He has served as State... more »

Duff Cooper

Alfred Duff Cooper, 1st Viscount Norwich GCMG, DSO, PC, known as Duff Cooper, was a British... more »

Duff Green

Duff Green was an American teacher, military leader, politician, journalist, author, diplomat,... more »

Dufferin Roblin

Dufferin "Duff" Roblin PC CC OM was a Canadian businessman and politician. Known as "Duff," he... more »

Dugald Cowan

Dugald McCoig Cowan was a Scottish educationalist and Liberal politician. more »

Dugald Donaghy

Dugald Donaghy was a Canadian politician and lawyer. Born in East Garafraxa, Ontario, Donaghby... more »

Dugald Munro

Dugald Ranald Ross Munro was an Australian politician. He was the Liberal Party of Australia... more »

Dugald Stewart

Dugald Stewart was a Canadian physician and politician, who served as a member of the Canadian... more »

Dugald Thomson

Dugald Thomson was an Australian politician. Thomson was born in Camberwell, London in 1849 and... more »

Duilio Brunello

Duilio Antonio Rafael Brunello was an Argentine Peronist politician. He served in the Argentine... more »

Duiliu Zamfirescu

Duiliu Zamfirescu was a Romanian novelist, poet, short story writer, lawyer, nationalist... more »

Duke Adam of Württemberg

Adam Karl Wilhelm Nikolaus Paul Eugen von Württemberg was a Duke of Württemberg and General in... more »

Duke Adolf Friedrich of Mecklenburg

Duke Adolf Friedrich Albrecht Heinrich of Mecklenburg was a German explorer in Africa, a... more »

Duke Alexander of Württemberg

Alexander of Württemberg was Duke of Württemberg. more »

Duke Bainum

Mark Edmund "Duke" Bainum was an American politician and physician. Bainum served in the Hawaii... more »

Duke Cunningham

Randall Harold Cunningham, usually known as Randy or Duke, is a United States Navy veteran and... more »

Duke Ludwig Wilhelm in Bavaria

Duke Ludwig Wilhelm Karl Norbert Theodor Johann in Bavaria was a member of the Kingdom of... more »

Dulce María Sauri Riancho

Dulce María Sauri Riancho is a Mexican politician who was the first woman to serve as governor... more »

Dulce Saguisag

Dulce Quintans-Saguisag was a Filipino politician and former Secretary of the Department of... more »

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