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Gaius Flavius Fimbria

Gaius Flavius Fimbria was a Roman politician and a violent partisan of Gaius Marius. He fought... more »

Gaius Flavius Fimbria

Gaius Flavius Fimbria, according to Cicero, rose to the highest honours in the republic through... more »

Gaius Fonteius Agrippa

Gaius Fonteius Agrippa was the name of two related people in Roman history: ⁕Gaius Fonteius... more »

Gaius Fonteius Capito

Gaius Fonteius Capito was a consul of the Roman Empire in 59, succeeding Nero. As governor of... more »

Gaius Fulvius Plautianus

Gaius or Lucius Fulvius Plautianus was a member of the Roman gens Fulvia, a family of the... more »

Gaius Furius Sabinius Aquila Timesitheus

Gaius Furius Sabinius Aquila Timesitheus was a Roman Praetorian Prefect who lived in the 3rd... more »

Gaius Gracchus

Gaius Sempronius Gracchus was a Roman Popularis politician in the 2nd century BC and brother of... more »

Gaius Hostilius Mancinus

Gaius Hostilius Mancinus was a Roman consul in 137 BC. Due to his campaign against Numantia in... more »

Gaius Julius Alpinus Classicianus

Gaius Julius Alpinus Classicianus was procurator of Roman Britain from 61 to his death in 65. He... more »

Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman senator, supporter and brother-in-law of Gaius Marius, and... more »

Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo Vopiscus

Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo Vopiscus was the younger son to Lucius Julius Caesar II and his wife... more »

Gaius Julius Priscus

Gaius Julius Priscus was military man and member of the Praetorian Guard in the reign of Gordian... more »

Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus

Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus, a Romanized Galatian, was a Legate at Judaea between 102/103 and... more »

Gaius Laelius

Gaius Laelius — also Caius Lelius — general and statesman, was a friend of Scipio Africanus,... more »

Gaius Laelius Sapiens

Gaius Laelius G.f. Sapiens, was a Roman statesman, best known for his friendship with the Roman... more »

Gaius Licinius Stolo

Gaius Licinius Stolo, along with Lucius Sextius, was one of the two tribunes of ancient Rome who... more »

Gaius Livius Salinator

Gaius Livius Salinator, son of Marcus, was a Roman consul of the gens Livia, said to have... more »

Gaius Lutatius Catulus

Gaius Lutatius Catulus was a Roman statesman and naval commander in the First Punic War. He was... more »

Gaius Maecenas

Gaius Cilnius Maecenas was an ally, friend and political advisor to Octavian as well as an... more »

Gaius Marcius Rutilus

Gaius Marcius Rutilus was the first plebeian dictator and censor of ancient Rome, and consul... more »

Gaius Marius

Gaius Marius was a Roman general and statesman. He held the office of consul an unprecedented... more »

Gaius Marius the Younger

Gaius Marius Minor, also known in English as Marius the Younger or informally "the younger... more »

Gaius Norbanus

Gaius Norbanus Balbo, was a Roman politician who was elected consul in 83 BC alongside Lucius... more »

Gaius Octavius

Gaius Octavius was an ancestor to the Roman Emperors of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. He was the... more »

Gaius Oppius

Gaius Oppius was an intimate friend of Julius Caesar. He managed the dictator's private affairs... more »

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