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E. C. George Sudarshan

Ennackal Chandy George Sudarshan is an Indian physicist, author and professor at the University... more »

E. Converse Peirce 2nd

Edmund Converse Peirce 2nd was an American physician who was Professor and Director of... more »

E. O. Wilson

Edward Osborne "E. O." Wilson is an American biologist, researcher, theorist, naturalist and... more »

Eben Norton Horsford

Eben Norton Horsford was an American scientist who is best known for his reformulation of baking... more »

Ebenezer Kinnersley

Ebenezer Kinnersley was a scientist, inventor and lecturer, specializing in the investigation of... more »

Eberhard Rees

Eberhard Friedrich Michael Rees was a German-American rocketry pioneer and the second director... more »

Ebn Meskavayh

Abu 'Ali Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ya'qub Ibn Miskawayh, also known as Ibn Miskawayh or Ebn... more »

Ebrahim Victory

Ebrahim Victory was born in Teheran, Iran on 26 December 1933.He attended the Kourosh Primary... more »

Ed Gallagher

Professor Ed Gallagher is a British scientist. He is a council member of English Nature and... more »

Ed Lu

Edward Tsang "Ed" Lu is an American physicist and a former NASA astronaut. He is a veteran of... more »

Ed Seykota

Edward Arthur Seykota is a commodities trader, who earned S.B. degrees in Electrical Engineering... more »

Edgar Rubin

Edgar John Rubin was a Danish psychologist/phenomenologist, remembered for his work on... more »

Edgar Zilsel

Edgar Zilsel was an Austrian historian and philosopher of science. He is considered to be among... more »

Edith Bülbring

Edith Bülbring was a British scientist in the field of smooth muscle physiology, one of the... more »

Edmond de Sélys Longchamps

Baron Michel Edmond de Sélys Longchamps was a Belgian liberal politician and scientist. Selys-Lon... more »

Edmond Locard

Dr. Edmond Locard was a pioneer in forensic science who became known as the "Sherlock Holmes of... more »

Edmund Davy

Edmund Davy FRS was a professor of Chemistry at the Royal Cork Institution from 1813 and... more »

Edmund Ruffin

Edmund Ruffin was a wealthy Virginia planter and slaveholder who in the 1850s was a political... more »

Edouard Van Beneden

Édouard Joseph Louis Marie Van Beneden, son of Pierre-Joseph Van Beneden, was a Belgian... more »

Edson Lobato

Edson Lobato is a Brazilian soil fertility scientist who received the 2006 World Food Prize for... more »

Eduard Toll

Eduard Gustav von Toll was a Baltic German geologist and Arctic explorer in Russian service... more »

Eduardo Braun-Menéndez

Eduardo Braun-Menéndez was a noted Argentine physiologist. more »

Eduardo Krieger

Eduardo Moacyr Krieger is an influential Brazilian physician, physiologist and scientific... more »

Edward A. Irving

Edward A. "Ted" Irving, CM FRSC FRS is a geologist and emeritus scientist with the Geological... more »

Edward Adrian Wilson

Edward Adrian Wilson FZS was an English physician, polar explorer, natural historian, painter... more »

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