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J P Roos

J. P. Roos is a Finnish sociologist and former President of the European Sociological... more »

J. A. Panitz

John A. Panitz is the co-inventor of the Atom-Probe Field Ion Microscope and the inventor of the... more »

J. A. Scott Kelso

J. A. Scott Kelso is a neuroscientist, and Professor of Complex Systems and Brain Sciences,... more »

J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr.

Jesse Ernest Wilkins, Jr. was an African American nuclear scientist, engineer, mathematician,... more »

J. M. Robson

John Michael 'Rab' Rabinovich, later known as J. M. Robson was a geneticist and physicist who... more »

J. M. Ziman

John Michael Ziman was a British-born New Zealand physicist and humanist who worked in the area... more »

J. Norman Collie

John Norman Collie FRS, commonly referred to as J. Norman Collie, was a British scientist,... more »

J. Peter Kincaid

J. Peter Kincaid is a scientist and educator who is the founding director of the Modeling and... more »

J. Scott Yaruss

J. Scott Yaruss is an Associate Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Health and... more »

J. Val Klump

Jeffrey Val Klump is an American limnologist. He was the first person to reach the deepest spot... more »

J.L.B. Smith

James Leonard Brierley Smith, known as J.L.B. Smith was a South African ichthyologist, organic... more »

Jābir ibn Hayyān

Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān was a prominent Persian polymath: a chemist and alchemist, astronomer... more »

Jabril ibn Bukhtishu

Jabril ibn Bukhtishu, also written as Bakhtyshu, was an 8-9th century physician from the... more »

Jack Catran

Jack Catran was an American industrial designer, behavioral psychologist, scientist, and... more »

Jack D. Dunitz

Jack David Dunitz FRS is a British chemist and widely known chemical crystallographer. He was... more »

Jack Greenblatt

Dr. Greenblatt is an Ann and Max Tannenbaum Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of... more »

Jack Halpern

Jack Halpern is an inorganic chemist, the Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor of... more »

Jack J. Lissauer

Jack Jonathan Lissauer is an American research scientist who has worked for the NASA's Ames... more »

Jack Mackenzie

Chalmers Jack Mackenzie, CC CMG MC FRS FRSC was a Canadian civil engineer, chancellor of... more »

Jack Suchet

Jack Suchet was a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, who carried out research on the use... more »

Jacob Bernoulli

Jacob Bernoulli was one of the many prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli family. He was an... more »

Jacob Bronowski

Jacob Bronowski was a Polish-Jewish British mathematician, biologist, historian of science,... more »

Jacob Marschak

Jacob Marschak was a Russian-American economist, known as "the Father of Econometrics". more »

Jacob Perkins

Jacob Perkins was an American inventor, mechanical engineer and physicist. Born in Newburyport,... more »

Jacob Wolfowitz

Jacob Wolfowitz was a Polish-born American statistician and Shannon Award-winning information... more »

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