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Jean Meeus

Jean Meeus is a Belgian astronomer specializing in celestial mechanics. The asteroid 2213 Meeus... more »

Jean Nicolas Fortin

Jean Nicolas Fortin was a French maker of scientific instruments, born in Mouchy-la-Ville in... more »

Jean Théodore Lacordaire

Théodore Lacordaire or Jean Théodore Lacordaire was a Belgian entomologist of French... more »

Jean-Baptiste Boussingault

Jean-Baptiste Joseph Dieudonné Boussingault was a French chemist who made significant... more »

Jean-Baptiste du Hamel

Jean-Baptiste Du Hamel, Duhamel or du Hamel was a French cleric and natural philosopher of the... more »

Jean-Baptiste Dumas

Jean Baptiste André Dumas was a French chemist, best known for his works on organic analysis and... more »

Jean-Baptiste Robinet

Jean-Baptiste Robinet, also known as Jean-Baptiste-René Robinet, was a French naturalist, known... more »

Jean-Charles Houzeau

Jean-Charles Houzeau de Lehaie was a Belgian astronomer and journalist. more »

Jean-Christophe Marine

Jean-Christophe Marine is a Belgian molecular biologist and researcher at CME Ku-Leuven. He is... more »

Jean-Claude Lorquet

Jean-Claude Lorquet is a professor of Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Liège. He is... more »

Jean-Édouard Desmedt

Jean-Édouard Desmedt is a Belgian scientist, and professor at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles,... more »

Jean-Jacques d'Ortous de Mairan

Jean-Jacques d'Ortous de Mairan was a French geophysicist, astronomer and most notably,... more »

Jean-Jacques Dordain

Jean-Jacques Dordain is the current Director General of the European Space Agency and has held... more »

Jean-Louis Calandrini

Jean-Louis Calandrini was a Swiss scientist. He was a professor of mathematics and philosophy... more »

Jean-Luc Brédas

Jean-Luc Brédas is a Belgian chemist and professor at Georgia Tech in the United States, and at... more »

Jean-Luc Margot

Jean-Luc Margot is a Belgian-born astronomer and a UCLA professor who specializes in planetary... more »

Jean-Marie André

Jean-Marie André is a Belgian scientist and professor of Theoretical and Chemical Physics at the... more »

Jean-Nicolas-Sébastien Allamand

Jean-Nicolas-Sébastien Allamand was a Swiss-Dutch natural philosopher. more »

Jean-Paul Marat

Jean-Paul Marat, born in the Principality of Neuchâtel, was a physician, political theorist and... more »

Jean-Pierre Petit

Jean-Pierre Petit is a French scientist, senior researcher at National Center for Scientific... more »

Jef Raskin

Jef Raskin was an American human–computer interface expert best known for starting the Macintosh... more »

Jeffrey A. Hoffman

Jeffrey Alan Hoffman, Ph.D. is an American former NASA astronaut and currently a professor of... more »

Jeffrey Goldstone

Jeffrey Goldstone is a British-born theoretical physicist and an emeritus physics faculty at the... more »

Jeffrey H. Goodman

Jeffrey H. Goodman is a neuroscientist at Helen Hayes Hospital in West Haverstraw, New York. His... more »

Jeffrey H. Meyer

Jeffrey H. Meyer is a scientist working with mood and anxiety disorders with neuroimaging at the... more »

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