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Julius Wilbrand

Julius Bernhard Friedrich Adolph Wilbrand was a German chemist. Born in Gießen, he discovered... more »

Jun Chen

Jun Chen is a Chinese American astronomer. She obtained her BS at Beijing University in 1990,... more »

June Goodfield

June Goodfield is a British historian, scientist, and writer of both fiction and... more »

Junichiro Itani

Junichiro Itani is considered a founder of the discipline of Japanese primatology. He was an... more »

Juraj Božičević

Juraj Božičević is a Croatian expert in measurements and process control. He was a pioneer in... more »

Jürgen Moser

Jürgen Kurt Moser or Juergen Kurt Moser was a German-American mathematician. more »

Jussi V. Koivisto

Dr. Jussi V. Koivisto is a Finnish born economist and educator, who has also been active in... more »

Justine Johnstone

Justine Johnstone was an American stage and silent screen actress. She was later a pathologist... more »

Justus von Liebig

Justus Freiherr von Liebig was a German chemist who made major contributions to agricultural and... more »


Jyeṣṭhadeva was an astronomer-mathematician of the Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics... more »

Jørgen Alexander Knudtzon

Jørgen Alexander Knudtzon was a Norwegian linguist and historian. He was a professor of Semitic... more »

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