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N. Gopalakrishnan

N. Gopalakrishnan is a film editor. more »

Nabil Seidah

Nabil G. Seidah, CM OQ FRSC is a Québécois scientist. Born in Egypt, he was educated at Cairo... more »

Nadav Safran

Professor Nadav Safran was an expert in Arab and Middle East politics and a director of... more »

Nader Engheta

Nader Engheta is an Iranian-American scientist. He is currently the H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor... more »

Nader Pourmand

Nader Pourmand is a biomolecular engineer. He is currently associate professor of biomolecular... more »

Nadine Wong Shi Kam

Nadine Wong Shi Kam is a licensing specialist with the University of Michigan. She was a... more »

Nagai Nagayoshi

Nagai Nagayoshi was a notable Japanese organic chemist and pharmacologist, best known for his... more »

Nagamichi Kuroda

Nagamichi Kuroda was a Japanese ornithologist. His works included Birds of the Island of Java... more »

Najib ad-Din-e-Samarqandi

Najib ad-Din Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Umar Samarqandi was a 13th-century Persian physician... more »

Najm al-Din Mahmud ibn Ilyas al-Shirazi

Najm al-Din Mahmud ibn Ilyas al-Shirazi was a Persian physician from Shiraz in Persia. His major... more »

Najm al-Din Razi

Abū Bakr 'Abdollāh b. Moḥammad b. Šahāvar b. Anūšervān al-Rāzī commonly know by the laqab, or... more »


Ziya' al-Din Nakhshabi was a 14th-century Persian physician and Sufi living in India. He died in... more »

Nancy Coover Andreasen

Nancy Coover Andreasen is an American neuroscientist and neuropsychiatrist. She currently holds... more »

Nancy Rothwell

Dame Nancy Jane Rothwell, DBE, DL, FRS, FMedSci is a British physiologist and academic who... more »

Narasimhaiengar Mukunda

Narasimhaiengar Mukunda is a prominent Indian theoretical physicist. He works as a senior... more »

Narayan Sadashiv Hosmane

Narayan S. Hosmane is an Indian-born cancer research scientist who made the featured article in... more »

Narendra Karmarkar

Narendra Krishna Karmarkar is an Indian mathematician, who developed Karmarkar's algorithm. He... more »

Nariman Mehta

Nariman Bomanshaw Mehta is an Indian-born American organic chemist and pharmacologist who... more »

Narinder Singh Kapany

Narinder Singh Kapany is an Indian-born American physicist known for his work in fiber optics... more »

Nasir al-Din Tusi

Khawaja Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Hasan Tūsī, better known as Nasīr al-Dīn Tūsī, was a Persian... more »

Nathan M. Newmark

Nathan Mortimore Newmark was an American structural engineer and academic, who is widely... more »

Nathan Rosen

Nathan Rosen was an American-Israeli physicist noted for his study on the structure of the... more »

Nathanael Matthaeus von Wolf

Nathanael Matthaeus von Wolf, Nathanael Matthäus von Wolf, Polish: Nataniel Mateusz Wolf was a... more »


Nobakht Ahvazi and his sons lived in the 8th - 9th centuries AD, and were Astrologers from... more »

Naum Akhiezer

Naum Ilyich Akhiezer was a Soviet mathematician of Jewish origin, known for his works in... more »

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