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H. Christopher Longuet-Higgins

Hugh Christopher Longuet-Higgins FRS was both a theoretical chemist and a cognitive scientist... more »

H. Houston Merritt

H. Houston Merritt was one of the pre-eminent academic neurologists of his day. As the chair of... more »

H. Norman Abramson

H. Norman Abramson is an American engineer and scientist. He is internationally regarded in the... more »

H. Paul Shuch

Dr. H. Paul Shuch is an American scientist and engineer who has coordinated radio amateurs to... more »

H. Robert Horvitz

Howard Robert Horvitz is an American biologist best known for his research on the nematode worm... more »

H. William Strauss

H William Strauss, MD currently serves as an Attending Physician on the Nuclear Medicine Service... more »

Habash al-Hasib al-Marwazi

Ahmad ibn 'Abdallah Habash Hasib Marwazi was a Persian astronomer, geographer, and mathematician... more »

Haim Aviv

Haim Aviv, PhD is an Israeli scientist who specializes in the field of molecular biology. Aviv... more »

Hakim Ghulam Imam

Hakim Ghulam Imam was a Persian physician, whose dates are uncertain. He composed a... more »

Hakim Muhammad Sharif Khan

Hakim Muhammad Sharif Khan was a Shi'a physician of some importance at end of 18th century from... more »


Hakim Ali ibn Kamal al-Din Muhammad Gilani was a 16th-century Persian royal physician from... more »

Haldan Keffer Hartline

Haldan Keffer Hartline ForMemRS was an American physiologist who was a co-winner of the 1967... more »

Halide Edip Adıvar

Halide Edip Adıvar or Halide Edib Adivar was a Turkish novelist and nationalist and feminist... more »

Halil Mete Soner

Halil Mete Soner is a Turkish mathematician born in Ankara. After graduating from the Ankara... more »

Halszka Osmólska

Halszka Osmólska was a Polish paleontologist who had specialized in Mongolian dinosaurs. She was... more »

Hamdallah Mustawfi

Hamdollah Mostowfi was a Persian historian, geographer and epic poet. Mostowfi is the author of... more »

Hamilton Lanphere Smith

Hamilton Lanphere Smith was an American scientist, photographer, and astronomer. He was born in... more »

Hanina Ben-Menahem

Hanina Ben-Menahem is an Oxford trained scholar at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who... more »

Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen

Hanna Maria Resvoll-Holmsen was a Norwegian botanist – a female pioneer in Norwegian natural... more »

Hanns Bruno Geinitz

Hanns Bruno Geinitz was a German geologist, born at Altenburg, the capital of Saxe-Altenburg. He... more »

Hans Adolf Krebs

Sir Hans Adolf Krebs was a German-born British physician and biochemist. He was the pioneer... more »

Hans Baumann

Hans D. Baumann is a German-American inventor and engineer. He has registered over 200 patents... more »

Hans Berger

Hans Berger was a German neurologist, best known as the inventor of electroencephalography in... more »

Hans C. Bjerring

Hans Christian Bjerring is a Danish-Swedish vertebrate paleontologist and comparative anatomist... more »

Hans Christian Gram

Hans Christian Joachim Gram was a Danish bacteriologist. He was the son of Frederik Terkel... more »

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