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Hans E. J. Neugebauer

Hans E. J. Neugebauer was a German-born physicist and imaging scientist who later lived in the... more »

Hans Fischer

Hans Fischer was a German organic chemist and the recipient of the 1930 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. more »

Hans Freudenthal

Hans Freudenthal was a Dutch mathematician. He made substantial contributions to algebraic... more »

Hans Goldschmidt

Johannes Wilhelm "Hans" Goldschmidt was a German chemist. Born in Berlin, he was a student of... more »

Hans Grüneberg

Hans Grüneberg, also written as Hans Grueneberg and Hans Gruneberg, FRS was a British... more »

Hans Gude Gudesen

Hans Gude Gudesen is a Norwegian archaeologist, scientist and inventor who has been central to... more »

Hans Jacob Hansen

Hans Jacob Hansen was a Danish zoologist. He was born in Bellinge and died in Gentofte. more »

Hans Kornberg

Sir Hans Leo Kornberg, FRS is a German-born British biochemist. more »

Hans Kosterlitz

Hans Walter Kosterlitz FRS was a German-born British biologist, who graduated Doctor of Medicine... more »

Hans Kronberger

Hans Kronberger CBE, FRS was a British physicist. During his career with the UK Atomic Energy... more »

Hans Lissmann

Hans Werner Lissmann FRS was a British zoologist, specialising in animal behaviour. He was... more »

Hans Multhopp

Hans Multhopp was a German aeronautical engineer/designer. Receiving a degree from the... more »

Hans Peter Jørgen Julius Thomsen

Hans Peter Jørgen Julius Thomsen was a Danish chemist noted in thermochemistry for the... more »

Hans Sachs

Hans Sachs, was a German serologist. more »

Hans Selye

János Hugo Bruno "Hans" Selye, CC, was a pioneering Austrian-Canadian endocrinologist of... more »

Hans Sloane

Sir Hans Sloane, 1st Baronet, PRS was a British physician and collector of Irish birth, notable... more »

Hans Ussing

Hans Henrikson Ussing was a Danish scientist, best known for having invented the Ussing chamber... more »

Hans Vogel

Hans Vogel was a German scientist known for his work in helminthology. For much of his career he... more »

Hans Winkler

Professor Hans Karl Albert Winkler was a German botanist. He was Professor of Botany at the... more »

Hao Wang

Hao Wang was a Chinese American logician, philosopher and mathematician. Born in Jinan,... more »

Harald Schering

Harald Schering was a German physicist born in Göttingen. He studied physics at the University... more »

Harald Sverdrup

Harald Ulrik Sverdrup was a Norwegian oceanographer and meteorologist who made a number of... more »

Harald T. Friis

Harald Trap Friis, who published as H. T. Friis, was a noted Danish-American radio engineer... more »

Harald zur Hausen

Harald zur Hausen is a German virologist and professor emeritus. He has done research on cancer... more »

Harbi al-Himyari

Harbi al-Himyari, was an Arab scholar from Yemen, who lived between the 7th and 8th century AD... more »

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