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Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr was an actress. more »

Heikki A. Alikoski

Heikki A. Alikoski was a Finnish astronomer. The asteroid 1567 Alikoski was named in his honour... more »

Heinrich Ernst Beyrich

Heinrich Ernst Beyrich was a German palaeontologist. Born in Berlin, he was educated at the... more »

Heinrich Gustav Magnus

Heinrich Gustav Magnus was a notable experimental scientist. His training was mostly in... more »

Heinrich Welker

Heinrich Johann Welker was a German theoretical and applied physicist who invented the... more »

Heinz Hopf

Heinz Hopf was a German mathematician. more »

Heinz Kohnen

Heinz Kohnen was German scientist and geophysicist known for his work in polar research. Kohnen... more »

Heinz von Foerster

Heinz von Foerster was an Austrian American scientist combining physics and philosophy. Together... more »

Heinz Wolff

Heinz Wolff FIEE. FIBES FRCP FRSA is a German-British scientist, and television and radio... more »

Helen Gwynne-Vaughan

Dame Helen Charlotte Isabella Gwynne-Vaughan, GBE was a prominent English botanist and mycologist. more »

Hélio Lourenço de Oliveira

Hélio Lourenço de Oliveira was a Brazilian physician, and academic. Hélio Lourenço de Oliveira... more »

Helmut Metzner

Helmut Metzner was an eminent plant physiologist, Professor of Biochemical Plant Physiology at... more »

Helmuth Nyborg

Helmuth Sørensen Nyborg is a former professor of developmental psychology at Aarhus University,... more »

Hendrik Tennekes

Hendrik Tennekes was the director of research at the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute, and... more »

Hendrik Wade Bode

Hendrik Alfred Bode was an American engineer, researcher, inventor, author and scientist, of... more »

Hendrik Zwaardemaker

Hendrik Zwaardemaker was a Dutch scientist who invented the olfactometer in 1888. From 1897 to... more »

Henri Begleiter

Henri Begleiter was a neurophysiologist and Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and... more »

Henri Coandă

Henri Marie Coandă was a Romanian inventor, aerodynamics pioneer and builder of an experimental... more »

Henri Debehogne

Henri Debehogne was a Belgian astronomer. He was born at Maillen. Debehogne worked at the... more »

Henri G. Hers

Henri-Géry Hers is a Belgian physiologist and biochemist, and was a professor at the Universite... more »

Henri La Fontaine

Henri La Fontaine, was a Belgian international lawyer and president of the International Peace... more »

Henri Moissan

Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan was a French chemist who won the 1906 Nobel Prize in Chemistry... more »

Henri Pirenne

Henri Pirenne was a Belgian historian. A medievalist of Walloon descent, he wrote a multivolume... more »

Henrik Johan Walbeck

Henrik Johan Walbeck was a Finnish geodesist studying the size and figure of the Earth by means... more »

Henrik Wann Jensen

Henrik Wann Jensen is a Danish computer graphics researcher. He is best known for developing the... more »

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