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Henry Bryant

Henry Bryant was an American physician and naturalist. He was the grandfather of Henry Bryant... more »

Henry Dalton

Henry C. Dalton was superintendent of the St. Louis City Hospital from 1886 to 1892, and later a... more »

Henry Earle

Henry Earle was an English surgeon. more »

Henry Feffer

Henry Leon Feffer of Bethesda, Maryland, was an American neurosurgeon. In the mid-1950s, he was... more »

Henry Gassett Davis

Henry Gassett Davis was an orthopedic surgeon. He founded the traction school of orthopedic... more »

Henry Gauvain

Sir Henry John Gauvain was a British surgeon and tuberculosis specialist. Gauvain was born on... more »

Henry Gidney

Sir Henry Albert John Gidney was a leader of the Anglo-Indian community of the British Raj for... more »

Henry Gray

Henry Gray was an English anatomist and surgeon most notable for publishing the book Gray's... more »

Henry Hugh Clutton

Henry Hugh Clutton was an English surgeon who described painless symmetrical hydrarthrosis,... more »

Henry Jacob Bigelow

Henry Jacob Bigelow was an American surgeon and Professor of Surgery at Harvard University. A... more »

Henry John Carter

Henry John Carter, FRS was a surgeon working in Bombay, India, who carried out work in geology... more »

Henry Marsh

Henry Thomas Marsh, CBE, FRCS is a leading British neurosurgeon, and a pioneer of neurosurgical... more »

Henry Palmer

Henry Palmer was a surgeon in the Union Army during the American Civil War. more »

Henry Simpson Newland

Colonel Sir Henry Simpson Newland CBE DSO was a distinguished Australian surgeon. The Henry... more »

Henry Spotnitz

Henry M. Spotnitz is George H. Humphrey II Professor of Surgery, chairman of the Columbia... more »

Herbert Alexander Bruce

Herbert Alexander Bruce FRCS, served as the 15th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Canada, from... more »

Herbert Atkinson Barker

Sir Herbert Atkinson Barker was an English manipulative surgeon. He developed a highly... more »

Herbert Maitland

Sir Herbert Lethington Maitland was an Australian surgeon of the head and neck who was an early... more »

Herman Bicknell

Herman Bicknell was an FRAS, British surgeon, orientalist, and linguist, son of Elhanan Bicknell. more »

Hermann Krukenberg

Hermann Krukenberg was a German surgeon who was a native of Calbe, Province of Saxony, Germany... more »

Hermann Kümmell

Hermann Kümmell was a German surgeon. In 1875 he received his medical doctorate at Berlin, later... more »

Hermann Lossen

Hermann Friedrich Lossen was a German surgeon born in Emmershäuser Hütte, Hesse. He studied... more »

Hermann Schloffer

Hermann Schloffer was an Austrian surgeon who was a native of Graz He studied medicine at the... more »

Holger Werfel Scheuermann

Holger Werfel Scheuermann was a Danish surgeon after whom Scheuermann's disease is named. more »

Homer V. M. Miller

Homer Virgil Milton Miller was a United States Senator from Georgia. Born in Pendleton, South... more »

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